Day 1 Today!!


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Feb 16, 2015
Hi guys.
Came across this forum site while googling Duromine. I have "officially" started taking my 40mg tablets today. So keen. I have taken them every so often before, but not consistently. I mainly used them to keep me awake during the day as I sleep terribly. They definitely give me energy.
I grew up being very overweight. My parents didn't teach us kids healthy habits and because we didn't have much money, a lot of the food we were given was what my mum could buy and make cheaply (think white bread vegemite sandwiches, spaghetti and cake etc - she's an incredible baker!).
During 2010/2011 I lost a lot of weight (by healthy eating and exercise). My body sat comfortably at a weight of about 85kg. I am 175cm tall. I had got down to 78kg but despite healthy eating and a good mix of weight training and cardio I looked too thin and had a drawn look to my face. At 85kg, although classified as "overweight" I was very fit, strong, had good muscle and my body had a really nice shape to it. During 2012 some unfortunate life events happened, and I started uni (I went from working full time on my feet to sitting nearly all day). My diet suffered (hello Red Bull and study munchies) and I started packing on the weight. I've continued to put on weight since.
I'm still 175cm tall and I weigh a scary 120.3kg. I have never been this heavy in my life. Considering I love the majority of healthy foods I am rather shocked I've reached this point. But, it's the kick I need to get moving again. My current goal is to lose 27kg which will make me roughly 93kg. From there I'll reassess, but I'll most likely aim to get down to 85kg. That was the weight I felt my healthiest at. I plan on eating small, healthy meals regularly (although i am not cutting out any foods, I know I'll just crave them then), at least 1L of water/day (I detest water, so a litre is like 5L for the average person, lol) and exercising 1-2hrs for 4 or 5 days per week. A mix of weights and cardio. I believe weights are incredibly important. I know a lot of girls/women think you'll bulk or look to muscle-y but that's not the case for women. Weights will help tone (less flabby bits) and boosts your metabolism so your body continues to burn fat even after you've finished exercising. There are so many benefits!
I've loved reading everyones weight loss stories and seeing how much support there is out there from other individuals who are going through the same or similar journey.
Keen as a bean to join in!
Wishing you all well. :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Good luck NorahMaree!
Good to know you love exercises and you really know what they are for. I think no woman should live without right exercises. Tone up! :)