Cravings. Help :(


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Apr 17, 2012
Sunshine Coast.
Hi guy's. I started duromine 40mg's about 2.5 weeks ago and I have lost about 5 kilo's. I was 69 now I'm about 64. I'm due for my period any day now and have been experiancing chocolate cravings and wanting to eat a lot more, but it is really odd because I have no touched any of that since starting duromine. I gave in to the cravings and it's bringing me to tear's. I can't stand to eat badly, but I still did it and I feel like if Duromine doesn't work than nothing will. I was just wondering if anyone get's the same thing, or some advice because I'm literally terrified of gaining weight, and all I wanted to do was throw the food up. I don't know why this is happening but it is and I'm not happy about it. Any advice would be so great :(


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Apr 25, 2012
wow hun you poor thing! you sound so upset with yourself and you shouldnt be! youve just lost 5 kilos which is amazing and what takes most people a couple of months to lose!! not 2.5 weeks! try not to beat yourself up about the choccies....we all fall off the wagon, its whether we stay off or get back on that is important.
maybe its just a mind over matter thing for you? did you used to eat chocolate at this time of month before taking duromine?? i know i did! it would be nothing to devour a block of chocolate in an hour and still want more! so maybe you are psyching yourself that this is what you need to get through this time of the month and thats why you had it! ( if that makes at all any sense!)

Since starting on D myself, i have been trying to work out my 'relationship' with food, and specific types of food - like chocolate, pastas and pizzas...which is why ive gained so much weight! anyway i really am starting to see how it is an excuse for me - always an excuse. "oh i cant be bothered making something healthy" or "oh i just feel so tired and run down, i know that big bowl of pasta will make me feel better".. AND oh my period is coming, i need chocolate!! when in reality i havent needed these things at all! i have proven that for the past 12 days have not had any pasta and chocolate or any bad fats!! and i feel better that i have in a LOOONG time!

anyways i hope this is some "food"for thought for you, and not just a fat girls ramblings!! lol :)

good luck to you x


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May 8, 2012
Hi Tif,
You sounds really upset and you shouldnt be. If you restrict yourself and make yourself sick over eating one small thing then you will struggle a lot worse after you stop taking Duromine.
Instead of thinking that D is an amazing drug that will make you lose all the kg's you want and make you feel as though you are never hungry...think of it more as a helping hand to a better, healthier lifestyle. You still need to eat. Instead of eating something bad, eat something healthy. OR instead of having a massive dinner plate, swap it for a small side plate. Instead of eating a block of chocolate, have one or two pieces. If you restrict yourself so much now and make yourself so upset about one bit of chocolate whilst on D, imagine what will happen when you finish. You will have that one piece, feel so disgusted and upset with yourself and then turn to emotional eating. Without realising you will eat the whole block and slip back into that negative sense of hopeless eating.

Please, dont restrict yourself so much. Eat healthy, smaller portions and hey, one little piece will curbe that craving and that crazy need.
I hope you are ok, and that you will get past this.

Be positive, you will continue to lose the weight. AND if the scales seem to only dro a little for that week, its ok. Dont forget, the first week is when most ppl lose the MOST amount of weight, as weeks go on, you will lose less and less. Your body start to adapt to the change. PLUS the first week is mainly water loss. So dont be sad :)


Since I'm on Reductil I feel full even if I eat a little and I don't have any cravings like before.