Confused But Happy


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Nov 21, 2009
Hi, Bestme-ever
I couldn't believe my eyes reading what your doctor said!! "Eat when you are hungry" and we all know Duromine suppresses hunger - so what? You will not eat at all??! OMG. This way you will lose weight of course, but will gain many disorders and eventually when you stop Duromine and start your old lifestyle - gain more weight than you have now. Trust me, I know what I am saying.

Cabbage soup three days and no protein food?? You must know that our body needs proteins, especially when we lose weight. If you stop eating suddenly all that food you used too, your muscles might suffer a lot! Yes, veggies are healthy and fine etc. but you need some fish, meat or eggs. No fried foods of course that's the point, not to eat less, but eat properly.

Please find some more time and read our forum better, because I am worried you might harm yourself. :confused:


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Nov 6, 2014
Please make sure you still eat, yes it supresses your appetite, but by eating at least 3-4 small meals a day you will help your metabolism and also when you are ready to come off the tablets you will have already gotten used to this style of eating so it will be easier to maintain it, thats where alot of people make mistakes, they dont eat at all and loose alot of weight but when they come off the tablets they end up putting all the weight back on because they havent gotten used to eating properly.
as long as they are healthy meals and like Kate said make sure there is protein in them.
Your Dr didnt really explain duromine properly which is a worry. just remember though that every person is different and it will affect everyone differently, i have been on it for 2 weeks now and have to say the only side effect i get is the dry mouth but i drink lots of water so it isnt too much of an issue. I still get hungry but only at meal times such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, i found that the duromine has lessened my hunger so that i no longer snack now. Try to do some excercise if you can it will help with your weight loss and get you into a good routine for the future.
Good luck :)