Can I Have Some Advice Please


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Nov 28, 2013

I started 30mg Duromine about a month ago and only took it for 4 days as I could not sleep on them. I was taking the tablet at 4am and still only managing 1 - 2 hrs (sometimes less) sleep per night. I did manage to lose 2.7kg in 4 days though which I was happy about.

My Dr suggested trying the 15mg tablets instead to see if that would help my sleep issues. I take the tablet at 4am and have no issues with sleep :) but I've been on the 15mg for approx 3 wks and have lost 1 kg, my diet is good and I am exercising so I'm disheartened at the small loss.

Yesterday I thought I'd give the 30mg a try again. Took my tablet at 4am yesterday morning and was still awake at 4am this morning and managed 2hrs sleep.

I feel like I need the 30mg tablets as the 15mg doesn't seem to be doing much but how can I get my body to sleep while taking the 30mg? Do I need to just persevere with the 30mg tablets and my body will eventually get used to them and sleep? Any advice will be appreciated. My Dr is on holidays until the 15th of January so I can't ask him for advice.



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Nov 21, 2009
Hi, Bec.
I don't think that your body will get used to 30mg that much so you could sleep normally again.
You tried them for 4 days and the result was still the same, so don't torture your body. Three weeks is not even a month, so it's too early to make conclusions that pills aren't working. Let it go, just do what you usually do, take the pills early in the morning, exercise, eat healthy and I am sure you will lose more weight soon.
I understand that you just want to be sure the pills are not a waste of time and money, well... unfortunately our body's reaction is unpredictable.
But night sleep is more important, if you ask me. Personally I can't do a thing, if I don't get enough sleep.
That was just my opinion, in the end it's up to you.
Good luck!:)