Blocked Ears/foggy Head?


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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has experienced blocked ears, like when you have a bad cold when on Duromine?

I'm on day three and my ears have been blocked on and off for the last two days and constantly today. It's actually a little scary, sounds are amplified but muffled. Louder than usual, but just..foggy? And my head feels foggy too, like I'm a bit stoned or unwell.

I can't find anything about it on google really, besides 2 or three people saying they have the same, but no one has said what their doctor said about it, or if it went away.

It's super frustrating :(


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May 18, 2014
Hi, i started duromine 2 days ago and also felt like my ears were blocked and had cough swallow really hard several times to unblock them.... My ears are ringing too so it must have triggered off that as ive had tinnitus for a while.