7.5 Weeks In!!! (Story Of An Under Dog)

Rosie C

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Sep 22, 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
If you've had a bad week on Duromine (or a shaky start..) READ ON!

So anyone who has been around for a little while might have noticed that the first 3+ weeks on Duromine for me were a disaster. Not because of any side affects, i've had only the dry mouth and even that has eased now. But in the first 3+ weeks, nothing happened. Zero results. Zero effects. No energy, very very little appetite suppression and I was sleeping like a baby. By the end of the first month, i'd managed 1.3kgs of weight loss.
It was confusing and frustrating and consuming me.I was exercising constantly, I had a great, nutritional, considerably smaller portioned diet. Without the Duromine I should have lost a couple of kg, but with it?!? All I was reading about were people with "3.5kg loss in the first 4 days!" ... or "10kgs in the first month". Also people talking of less sleep, no appetite, energy bursts.. NONE of this was my experience.

Not exactly what I was planning.

At one point at the end of the first month, I gave up worrying, stopped weighing myself every second day and let go. If It was going to work at all it was going to be because I made it work, end of story.

I haven't had a HUGE weight loss, but i'm averaging 1kg per week and am only 1kg off my first goal - Under 80kgs!! I can't wait!!!

No lies, I was hoping for 18kgs loss over the 3 months. I had told my doctor I'd be happy for 13kg - but secretly I was going for 18. Now, if i'm able to continue my 1kg per week, I should get 12kgs loss

But my success has been with the measurements I have taken every 2 weeks. Mostly because I'm aware that i'm one of those people who put weight on VERY evenly ALL OVER. (It sounds like a good deal until you've put on 10kgs before you've realised your jeans no longer fit!!) Yes, the measurements are quite comprehensive... But while some results have taken longer than others, some have been wonderful!! I won't rattle through all the minor ones... but here are some

Shoulders: 4cm loss (The vertical measurement - that's all the bra overhang - woohoo!!)
Arms: 3.5cms loss.
Bust: 4cm loss (desperately hoping for more, but it may be a pipe dream for me)
Under Bust: 7cms loss
Small of Waist: 5cms loss
Hip Bones: 12 cms loss!!! (that's ALL muffin top!!)
Bum: 5cms loss (interesting to note - 4 of those cms only budged this last fortnight)
Widest part of thighs: 5cms loss
Mid Thigh - (16cms above knee - I know, methodical, right?) 5.5cms loss

I have a total of 14 measurements I do and I tally the cms lost each fortnight. Today I reached 90cms total!!!

I guess what i'm saying, especially for those who have trouble getting incredible results like those you read about - there is something to be said for slow and steady. So i'm still not out of the same size jeans I was wearing when I started this (boy! they must have been TIGHT!!!) but 90cms of loss overall is huge!! 8kgs... or 2 bags of dog - food are HEAVY - and i've lost all that!!!

So it's not the crazy numbers I was hoping for, but it's still great. It took weeks for me to get any results, but it's working for me now... Slow and steady. Sllloooowwww and steady.

I hope for those who have crappy starts/average weeks you all can remember to not sweat it too much and just stay focused. It's hard enough without us putting pressure on ourselves. ANY weightless is fantastic! Even if it takes a while.

Good luck, y'all!

The Tortoise.
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Nov 13, 2014
Congrats Rosie :p:p:p and thanks for sharing your journey. I've had similar experience with calorie counting. I'm on my first week of duromine...not a lot of side effects and 1.2 kilo loss. But I'm happy with that.... as you say a loss is a loss. But also like you I am wondering...I would have lost that doing what I am doing without the duromine. I work in disability/mental health and have learned from psychiatrists that for some, medications can take time to start getting their desired outcomes. And also have to own that I've been yo yo dieting and exercising for years and have no doubt completely stuffed my metabolism. Looking forward to seeing your post when you hit your 70's



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Nov 21, 2009
Thank you, Rosie!
It is a good story of you being very patient and stubborn to your weight loss :laughing: Like it should be.
Yesterday I saw a video of "my 600 lb life" - honestly for the first time in my life)) Wow! Christine's story made me cry, think a lot, suffer, recall my experience, etc etc... But it proves that everything is possible if we really want it!

Be proud of yourself and keep going! :)


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Oct 8, 2014
Well done Rosie!! I started D around the same time as you I think. I too haven't had the raging success story I was hoping for, but I've been eating less crap and exercising almost everyday and lost 6 kg of the 10 (secretly 15)kg I'd hoped to lose. Most of us seem to have "a happy with this weight, but it'd be super awesome to lose a bit more" weight goal, eh?
In the past 3 weeks or so I have only averaged about 0.5kg loss, but have noticed my body changing shape. My bulges are less rounded and my rolls are less jiggly and I'm feeling more positive about myself and body. My once tight shorts are now a little loose.
I'm not dreading the work Xmas party as I have in the past. I hated to see photos of my fat self. But now I'm looking forward to it - I've got an awesome dress picked out and feel more confident than I have in ages. The scales might not have changed too much, but my outlook certainly has.
Weight loss takes time,eating habits and lifestyle change and commitment to continue even if you have some setbacks. Good luck to everyone and thanks to Rosie for her encouraging post.
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Sep 23, 2014
Fantastic effort Rosie! Great news that you are really starting to see results. :)