6kg In 3 Days!


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Sep 23, 2012
Hi :)

First off congratulations to all the people who have been successful on their weight loss journey by using Duromine.
I, myself have never been on duromine nor do I ever plan on it. I have thought it over quite a few times but it just seems as though its like every other fad diet. I have been on bodytrim, tony furguson, probably every other diet you could possibly think of! and even though I lost 10kg here and there as soon as I went off them I put all of the weight back on!

I'm 23 years old and I have been over weight my whole life. 15 months ago my father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 47. I promised myself while I was sitting at his bedside in hospital while he was on life support that I needed to make a change, I didn't want my life to end up like that. I went through severe depression after losing my father and I was pretty much eating junk food to comfort myself, which made me pile on even more weight. I went on a holiday to Thailand in July this year. After seeing a full body photo of myself I knew I had to do something about my weight!
3 weeks ago I decided that I was ready to start my life over by eating clean and getting healthy.
I cut out all junk food, processed food and sugar. I was eating multigrain bread (which I thought was healthy, but it isn't) and swapped it for Rye bread/wraps.
I eat 6 meals a day, I have greek yoghurt, fresh berries and LSA for breakfast and for those who don't know what LSA is, It's a mixture of Linseed, Sunflower seed and Almonds that have been ground down and it is extremely healthy for you. Lunch and Dinner I have protein (the size of my palm) and as many greens as I want :) I have a snack in between meals which is usually a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit and I never go hungry! I drink up to 3-4litres of water per day.

After 3 days of clean eating I had lost 6kg, 2kg per day!! That was more than I had ever lost on any diet and I hadn't even done any exercise.
Around day 4 I noticed that I had more energy then what I have had in years! another plus was my skin was starting to clear up and I had friends and family noticing these changes in me.

So it has now been 3 weeks and I am down 15kg and I am happier than ever! I still have roughly 40kg that I would like to lose (I've never been a small girl). But I am taking each day as it comes. They say it takes 21 days to get over the addiction/cravings and I'm happy to say that I wont be looking back, the thought of eating junk food now makes me sick to my stomach. One day when I do get to my goal weight I would love to help people who are struggling with losing the extra weight they have because I know how much of a struggle it is.

Good luck to everyone who is deciding to change their life by losing weight, whether it may be by taking Duromine or by simply changing your diet like I have.

P.s the only exercise I do Is walking my dogs for half an hour every morning :)
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Jul 4, 2012
Great job, u are doing so well. Your clean eating is the best way to go. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey.