30mg Stopped Working

Square One

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Mar 16, 2015
Hi all

I started on 30mg 2 months ago and the 1st month I lost 4kg but second month I actually gained 2kg! This is despite being active (I ride horses) and eating well. I am definitely eating less.

I had all the checks done with bloods before the doctor would prescribe D so my thyroid etc is fine. I am 54yo, going through menopause, 157cm and currently weigh 79.8 kg. I started at 81.6kg and in the 1st month was down to 77.7kg.

I went back to the doctor yesterday and they gave me a 1 month script for 40mg, I took my 1st one this morning. Has anyone else had the 30mg that stopped working? I also felt hungry to the point of feeling sick because I didn't feel like eating but yet was very hungry.

Would love to hear if anyone has experienced the same and then had success on the 40s.