3.5 KG Week One


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Jan 12, 2015
Hi all just like to share my experience,am 30 a mother of 2.About 6 years ago a friend introduced me to D and I used the rest of her pack as she complained it made her sick,i took it for a week and stopped,it was horrible and I ended up in hospital.2013 I decided to embark on a new journey started walking from work everyday and ate vegetable smoothies,i lost 17Kg in 3 months,i was thrilled and I got too excited and gained some of that weight last year,so I remembered Duromine and I planned how I would take it.I pleaded with my doctor who eventually prescribed the 30g which I started taking last week Sunday.I take it at 5 am and exercise for an hour before I get ready for work.I have decided to stop alchohol untill am done with this course for 12weeks.I must say it has been the best the energy,hubby is complaining as am always in the mood,i sleep peacefully and I crave anything.I have cut out all carbs though,following The Banting Diet,It has been a great I already see the difference.I love it...:)