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Charlie Mac

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Jan 10, 2014
Hi, been researching for a while and this is the most extensive place I've found information and stories, very good.
No doubt I will begin typing and won't stop...... Sorry in advance. :p

I'm Charlie and I'm taking duromine 30. I'm 2 weeks in. I don't regularly look at the scales but am feeling good. I was terrified to start it and warned everyone I might be "on speed" for a while and BOOM got the absolute opposite. I could hardly talk for the first 4 days I was that zonked out chilled and calm... I have ADHD and have gone 30 years with it non treated and since I had that reaction have since found out it is sometimes prescribed as an interim drug before patients receive their ADHD drugs and des are prescribing for this, and some other things. But yeah just something I didn't expect but glad to be able to sleep as normal and not be jumping off walls 24/7....

History- I started weightloss in June 2010 at 166kg. I lost 55 in 6 months. And almost 20 more in the remaining time but I am very muscular, I train a lot and I eat well. I went from an I comfy size 28 to now an xs in city chic, 14 at autograph, 16 everywhere else, real size 12-14 without all this skin. My lowest weight was 97kg a few months ago after returning from a holiday where I gained 7kg in 9 days with eating well and daily gym visit.... Carnival spirit... So I came home and smashed it out trained and ate clean for the month and lost 10 kg.

Christmas week I was feeling like a bloated piece of crap and as I'm studying to be a personal trainer and work in a gym I found out about duromine and asked the dr for it, he gave it to me no questions asked, well, he gave me an ECG and a blood test :)
Started the next day. So far so good regarding hunger, def under control so much so that most of the time I'm actually confused about what to get myself as I don't "feel" like any particular foods.
I would say I'd be back around the 99-100 mark from 106.5 day one. I can pretty much feel kilo for kilo on my body now. My worst thing is that I need surgery, brachioplasty- arm lift, thigh lift, body lift and boobs. Losing 70kg and yo yoking my whole life has taken it's toll and it's very hard for me.

So I have appx 15-20kg of excess skin to deal with every second of every day (putting me around 80kg) which for 173cm is perfect to me. and as we all know, usually weight loss is to look good and I don't. I've come as far as I can with constant training in several areas of fitness and this is my last ditch effort to see if I can actually physically lose any more or if everything left is just skin. My real body underneath is tiny as... Very upsetting that I can't show that and till the day comes that I have that 50,000 I have to deal.

Anyway... Don't really know what will happen but I know I'm doing everything I can to help it. I'm very focused and motivated and I train hard daily, with one new exception - the duromine has taken away my afternoon grazing session and sneaky car food when I'm peckish. I'm now never that peckish that it can't wait till a meal or proper snack time. Drinking heaps more than usual so I'm happy about that. Don't really want to ever stop taking them as I don't usually drink enough water unless it contains a supplement. And I'd love to not turn back into my usual highly strung defensive psycho self.... I'm liking this

The tiredness is up and down depending on exertion' I'd say I'm on 1600-2000 clean calories. I gave up coffee last time I ate 100% clean and so now I just take my pre workout as an energy booster, as duromine has not given me anything but sleepiness. So the dr told me not to take all my usual supplements but I had to add one in cause I was a vegetable and need to fit in training, work, husband, daughter etc.... That has given me the occasional heart palp that I always get when I use it and stronger ones but nothing major till today when I also had a sugarfree v because I was just so buggered this afternoon and had already had the supplement and still couldn't get any energy lol and tonight out with friends I had to leave as I had stabbing pain in my upper stomach. Whinge whinge
Had a tea and a protein ball and feel better now so goodnight...... :laughing:
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Nov 21, 2009
Oh my...!! You are so awesome! I'd say - extremely motivated and you definitely know what to do.
What can I say more? Go on like this and have no severe side effects. Don't you forget to rest sometimes?;)

Welcome to our big family!
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