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Laura Bear

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Dec 27, 2011
Croydon, Victoria
Hi everyone, how are things?
Whelp, my name is Laura (but Bear works just as well)

Age: 23
Gender: Doll
Height: 182cm (aka TALL!)
Starting Weight: 126.7 kg
Starting BMI: 38.3
Current weight: 119.9 kg
Current BMI: 36.2
Goal weight: 87 kg
Goal BMI: Between 19 and 25


I am 23 years old now and have struggled with my weight since as far back as I remember.
But then I look back at my highschool pictures and wonder what I was ever on about??

That is me in either Year 11 or 12, so at age 17 or 18.
Not really much of an issue, but you can see I kept myself layered and covered.

I have never made the dieting choice on my own, it's always been another person cajoling me into it, which never really works if its not your own brain making the decision, right?
I would go to the gym, have a little work out, sneak back to McDonalds and then back to the gym to be picked up by a parent.

I went to America in 2007 and came back with some excess baggage. I tried the Tony Ferguson diet and dropped a whopping 20kilos. Then I started work at a small law firm that often had morning tea breaks, afternoon tea breaks, etc. My resolve melted and soon I was not having my shakes and eating pasteries and crap food with them. The weight slowly came back.

But it was around that time some friends took me to a burlesque show and I was in love with the curves and dangerous stage attitude those girls had. I was jealous. I trimmed down a bit, but then I was involved in a really strange relationship that busted up and I felt awful and alone.

However, during the burlesque period of my social life, I gained a sense of faked confidence and a personality that I could hide behind. I became outrageous and people seemed to love that, regardless of what I looked like.

At a friends Alice In Wonderland themed 21st - I was a flamingo.

It was now 2009. I was still at the law firm and a client had been trying to get me to buy a dog off her. It was a breed the bloke from the previous relationship didn't like, so I always said no. And anyway, if I was after a dog, I would get a big one. A furry one. After seven months (and a newly single, depressed me) - I met this dog, she curled up in my lap and took the little wretch home with me, without paying a cent. Again, with walking her, I found myself shedding myself again. The little dog took ill and again I put on weight. But this little dog I lived for. She was a tiny little rock for me and I knew I needed to be around for her.

Piccola became my sole purpose in life, her rehabilitation to grow into the dog she deserved to be.

I then met Steve in late 2009, through internet dating. I trimmed up during the "impress the boy" stage. He has always been supportive, but since meeting him and his damned knack for cooking desserts, I was in a bad place.

I began working at a site office in construction. The personality from before seemed to be reawakened. I dyed my hair fantastic colours and was (from what I could see) loved by those around me, although I do think they thought me to be a bit of a nutjob. They didn't care that I was tipping the scales. Or that I had to source my own PPE pants because none of the company supplied ones fit. And hell, it was construction, who needed to be a supermodel there?!

I had to buy my own pants, I couldn't get my work shirts done up because of my boobs.


Fast forward to today. I have started another office job after being in construction for two years.

About two weeks ago, I was sent for training in Perth and the airplane seats were a bit too squishy for comfort and I had to pull the seat belt to maximum capacity. It was not a good feeling.
I sourced a set of scales and to my horror, discovered I was the weight of a very healthy newborn elephant calf at 126.7 kilos.

I returned home late Friday night and spoke to my fiancee about my weight, depression and self loathing on the Saturday morning.

He said he would get me some new walking shoes toward the end of the next week to boost my level of walking if I could get the perscription - we had both researched it and had a feeling it was pretty hard to get in our area.

Anyway on Monday after work I went to the doctor not knowing what to do. I poured my heart and soul out and told him all my woes about weightloss, my fears for my future, not having children or having children and not seeing them grow up.

Midway through my outburst he stopped me and went through Duromine with me. I got the slip of paper I needed and took myself right to the chemist and picked it up that night.

Come 6am Tuesday 20th, I took my first 30mg Duromine. 3 hours later I felt like I could take on the WHOLE DAMN WORLD!!!

I decided to take the smaller car to work, because of the directions telling me to be careful when driving. Can't really have someone who is out of their gourd of a kind of stimulant behind the wheel of a 4WD - there were no issues anyway. That day my heart was racing, my hands could not stop moving and I swear my WPM went up by 20 words per minute. I had all my work done so fast my manager couldn't keep up. I WANTED EVERYTHING DONE THAT SECOND!!! I had to excuse myself from the office to go for a walk because I was boucing off the walls. I was careful what I ate, allowing myself only two coffees a day now. For lunch I had 3 big strawberries and was stuffed. I could not tell you how much water I drank but by the end of the day I was peeing clear.

Now I come to think about it, my skin has improved hugely. I haven't had a blemish in a week!

I jumped in the scales on the Wednesday and was shocked to see I'd lost 2.9kgs. I have been keeping a daily status update on Facebook but now the first week is over, I will update weekly instead. I have downloaded a simple weight recorded onto my phone and can track my progress and BMI as well as put it all into a fancy chart. The feedback from family and friends has been mixed. Some think I should not be taking this drastic step, others have said they are so proud of me for seeking a change.

Due to the fact the Duromine has toyed with my already short fuse, I usually put them back in place very quickly. The temper thing is probably the biggest side effect for me, as well as the cotton mouth. Sometimes if I get overly stimulated I stumble over my words are need to stop and think slowly about what I want to say, or else I suffer from a heinous case of foot in mouth!

I conquered the sleeping thing after the first 4 days. I'm now sleeping somewhat better, but my dreams have become really lucid - almost nightmare-ish. But that is just a dream and I'm fine once I wake up.

I began walking our dogs again - I got curious and found out they are overweight too! Piccola (from above) at a round 11kg and Digit (a pound rescue from 2010) at a plump 12kg. They should both be around 9-10kg.

That start date was a week ago to the day. I have begun a strict diet that involves so much fruit, leafy greens from my garden and a daily walk of 1km, combined with light weights and situps. I'm getting new walking shoes and a pedometer on Thursday to help me. Today, I rewarding myself with some avocado on toast to celebrate my first weeks loss of 6.8 kilos.

Steve also gave me a fresh tomato as a reward too! I have around 33 to go, but for the first time, I want to make it. I am getting married in March and if I keep this kind of weightloss up, I will reach my goal weight of 87kg by the time I tie the knot. It's only 4kg a week, and hopefully I will be able to up the ante of my excersise soon too.

I know with love and support from family and friends, I can do this. I look forward to getting support from this forum too.

-- Laura Bear


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Jan 11, 2012
well done Laura... very interesting read.. i enjoyed it.. cant wait to see more updates from you. This week ive lost 4.8kg myself, but to loose weight healthily you are meant to loose around 1kg a week to maintain it. Thats the problems with these pills, you loose weight way too quickly and when you stop them you put on double u lost because your body just cant cope. I have lost 38kg in 6 months on duromine before so its looking good for your wedding... hope you have a good seemstress handy to take your dress in as you loose more weight :).

Laura Bear

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Dec 27, 2011
Croydon, Victoria
Hi Shanlei,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, my dressmaker did flip a little when I told her my weight loss story. We've decided to have a lace up back, corset style, which should accommodate any changes - phew!

I have a doctors appointment tonight, as my prescription is running out. I hope he lets me have another month (or two) on the Duromine. Just to get me to the date, then I'm on my own!

As of this morning, I've lost 9.5kg. So my stats are now:

Date: 13 January, 06:53
Weight: 117.2kg
Height: 182.0cm
Goal: 87kg
To go: 30.2kg
Change from yesterday: -0.1kg
Total loss: -9.5kg
BMI: 35.4 (not important, though)
Assessment: Obese

Much better than the start:

20 December, 2011 - 6:00am
126.7kg and BMI of 38.3

Long story to go, but the longer the better to maintain.
My dog (I have 2, but 1 would rather sleep that walk) loves me for her daily walks now.
First few nearly killed us both, but now we are doing almost 3km a day.