10 - 12 Kgs To Lose, Is It Possible?


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Jun 30, 2014
Hi all, I am new here. I have in the past taken reductil and kept off the weight till i got pregnant few years ago. after delivery, i tried millions ways to shed the gained kilos but all goes in vain. I am 163cm and weigh about 59kgs. though my ideal weight should be 52 kgs, i look better when i am down to 48 to 49kgs. my question is, is it possible to lose just 10kgs while on duromine. i am already eating healthy so duromine is just to help me stop craving sweets and carbs. i eat 4 meals a day in quite reasonable amount but at times (mostly snack time) will lose my power and indulge in some extra choclates and cookies/candies.

hope to hear from you guys!


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Nov 21, 2009
It is possible but

Duromine and other appetite suppressants are only prescribed to those who have SEVERE OBESITY. Don't you understand that it is not safe to take the pills if you need to lose just 10 kg??
Do you really want to have all these side effects from the pills? Lack of sleep, headaches, etc. Especially now, when you need to take care of your baby and you don't sleep enough already. And if you stop eating sweets you will not die, just take it seriously and you will achieve your goal. If you feel like you can't stop eating chocolate, simply don't buy it))) stay away from candy shelves in the store.

You said you're having healthy 4 meals a day - excellent! Now all you need is to increase your caloric expenditure, exercises, walking, any kind of physical activity is good.

Normal diet and some exercises will fix your problem I am sure. Duromine of course too, but think of this - when you stop taking the pills, you chocolate / sweets cravings will be back and so your weight. Do you really think it is the right option for you? I know it is much easier to take a pill and let it do the whole thing. Please, think over these things.

ps. No offense please, just sharing my experience. After all, it is your health and it's all up to you.
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