0.5kg pw on Duromine - with vs without


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Aug 26, 2020
I’m almost 2 months into my first time trying Duromine. I started at 99kg about two and a half years ago. It was then that I decided I wanted to get down to a healthy weight - and that I didn’t want to walk a miserable path to get there.

I am a hedonist. I do not like going to the gym, or regular scheduled exercise, so I don’t do it. I was told that building muscle would improve my metabolism but also that those muscles would degrade into fat once I stopped (I have since heard this is not quite the case) so I wasn’t interested in building muscle I would have to maintain for life. As the anti-Deadpool, my slogan is “minimal effort”.

I got rid of about 22kg very slowly over two years, with swings up and down (holidays, the discovery of and weaning off of Uber eats), mostly by replacing sodas with sugar-free variants and then those with water, and chocolate with low-cal alternatives. I fell off the chocolate wagon dozens of times every year, but got better and went longer each time.

I would say that kicking sugar addiction was and is the single most powerful key for me. When I experimented with keto (net loss 6kg over a couple of months), the carb limit helped me finally kick it for semi-good. It felt like a detox. Afterwards, chocolate tasted ‘too sweet’ and became unattractive to get back into.

Unfortunately, two years in and I started to plateau. It couldn’t be explained away by Uber eats binges, or unrecorded slips. When I looked for help, I was told ‘exercise more or cut back on calories unless you’re already at 1200 (which I was)’. I tried calorie cycling and only got some gained weight out of it.

Discouraged, I was further told ‘sometimes bodies just decide where they want to be. It’s a survival tactic’. Apparently, my body wanted to survive by being obese.

I didn’t want to try any serious diet drug and had ‘heard things’ about amphetamines so I tried coffee pills. My hope was that it would make me ‘perky’ and ‘energetic’ without the calories of a cuppa twice a day.

No change. It gave no energy at all (in hindsight, that might have been the sugar in my coffees). It just prevented me feeling tired and in fact meant I was awake more to snack more. :/

Three months of trying everything I could think of later and I finally tried duromine.

My first thought was: ‘is this how normal people feel all the time?’

Energetic. Productive. If I had an impulse to do a chore or go to the park, I simply would. It was good.

It lasted two days, during which I suffered from minor headaches and insomnia. After that, both good and bad side effects subsided and I just felt normal.

I also didn’t feel like snacking. I would look at a doughnut and my mouth would go ‘yum’ but my stomach would go ‘nah, don't want’. Same for the morning coffee (which you should NOT HAVE when taking duromine). I was worried about my afternoon-at-the-office cravings for mochas - but it was gone. Duromine were like caffeine pills in that it kept me awake with no afternoon crash. I could walk to a cafe with my colleagues without the slightest risk of a ‘weak moment’ social purchase.

The freedom from ‘weak moments’ cannot be overstated. It’s wonderful.

A month in, I mentioned to my doctor that I wished I could have that energy level back from the first couple of days. I did, after all, already have good control over my calorie intake. The drug made it easier and supposedly it was increasing my metabolism, but if I was not going out for walks because it made me want to do something, what was the point?

I had an increase in blood pressure but no other side effects so he upped my dose. A couple of days of even more minor headaches and insomnia and it was like nothing changed at all. I should switch back down to the lower dose but am concerned it may somehow be less effective now?

I like Duromine. I think, if you’re lucky enough to avoid the worst side effects, it’s genuinely useful. It has helped me break my plateau, helped me avoid temptation even when out with friends and has had a minor effect where I am more likely to ‘go a little further’ than I normally would. Such as making a round-trip to a specialty store on foot instead of by bus (1.5 hours) or walking two hours to a park and back, or four hours to another specialty store (I got the bus back that time).

Because Duromine suppresses hunger, I am combining it with fasting when it suits me. Nothing stressful or major. I just stop eating by a certain time at night (which changes as I feel like) and sleep in (if it’s an option) the next day. I always wake briefly to take my pill so by the time I wake up for good, it’s in full swing and I’m not hungry. I’ll have a late lunch and an early dinner and if I break or under-shoot the fasting window, no stress. It’s just a fun bonus thing I can do now, thanks to duromine.

If my loss continues at this slow and healthy rate (0.5kg pw), I think I’ll ask to do one more 3-month course to put my BMI back in normal range. Then I’ll be stopping - and I’ll be genuinely sad about that.

I like feeling awake and clear headed all day. I like walking more than I ever did before. I like that time seems to slow down and I can enjoy my afternoon after work and not ‘blink and it’s past midnight’. I love being free from my body craving snacks and sugar and coffee. If only it didn’t carry the risks it does, I would happily take it forever like I take the pill.

I am concerned about how I will manage my appetite after I finish the course. I wouldn’t have ever said I had a problem with wanting to eat (beyond craving the sugar in them) before now, but I’m very mindful of ‘bounce back’ from a body that might be sending starvation signals I can’t feel yet. I’m currently planning on continuing my current meals pattern, as it is 1200 calories, familiar and allows for three meals and snacks. I will update how that goes when I get there.

Here’s hoping my experience continues to be positive, that my account may be helpful to people considering taking the drug and that we all of us get where we’re going.