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Nov 23, 2023
Today is day one on Phentermine 30 mg for me. Im worried about where to store the medicine as it says keep it under 30 degrees. Currently I store in a dark cupboard.

My house gets really warm with no aircon available. Its almost 35 degrees and can go upto 40 degrees Celsius outside .

Please advice if it is ok to store in the fridge?
Hi mum :)

Welcome to our Magical Forum!
it's nice to see a new face and i love your Flower Avatar :p

i have been storing Duromine/Metermine in my wardrobe in my Bedroom with no problems,
even 40 degree days my darling, so no need to stress, trust me..

keep the door closed of course lol

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Hi @mum, you can use it with no fear if you store it in a dark place :)
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