Duromine Journey



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Oct 4, 2017
Hey guys

I started Duromine on the 1st of August after feeling so heavy and I was blowing up
My weight wasn’t doing any good aswell
As I am a Pacific Islander it is what it is the big family lunches and all that
The scales were not very appealing aswell
I was the heaviest I’ve been in my life. 104kgs.

Today, going into my 3rd month and also my 3rd packet of Duromine 30mg
Last weigh in was 2 weeks ago and I have dropped a whopping 10kgs and am sitting at 94kgs. Hoping I’d lose more whilst still on it.

I’m looking at staying on it for maybe another 2-3 months. What do yous think?
My goal weight is 80-85. I’m not even sure this will be possible.
I’m not a big eater, not the biggest fan of the island foods cooked wrenched in oil.
I’ve been eating normally, diet hasn’t changed.
Haven’t been exercising but I plan to start nextweek
Attached is a photo of me end of July 2017 vs mid September 2017


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Aug 17, 2017
I think doctors usually only prescribe for three months because it can be addictive and potentially dangerous. You could go for a check up and maybe your doctor will agree if your heart rate etc are ok, or otherwise you could have a break and then start taking again after a month or two to give your body a rest. Your photos show you are looking amazing!

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