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Duromine Day 4

Yes, let's totally be partners in crime!

I haven't been since last week, so I'm a bit nervous about going this afternoon. Thanks for leading the way and telling me Crossfit and Duromine is possible. Will take extra water and just not go too crazy.

have a good one!
How is everyone going??
What day are you on and what are you struggling on, if anything?

I'm finding that during the day I'm fine don't want to eat, but I do.
However at night even though I'm not hungry I want to eat. A bad habbit that I'm hoping the duromine will help me break.
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Funny you say that, it's the same with me. But I'm doing the holistic approach to breaking the bad habits by completely changing up my routine. Otherwise I know I'll slip back into bad habits! I've been logging my calories on myfitnesspal so I can keep myself accountable for a bit. It's amazing how small recommended servings are!!

Other than a bit of a headache, all has been going well. Haven't got to crossfit yet because I'm busy at work. But next week, definitely every morning! But I've been exercising at home on the treadmill, so not worried.

Good luck with it!!
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I've been judging my sizes of my mums meals. She recently had the gastric sleeving surgery, just over 2 months ago. So her meals are a good size and full of protein and vegies.

My dad also had the surgery a couple of years back so they have been cooking little healthy meals together, it's quite cute :)
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Haha, that is very cute!
How is everyone going? How was the weekend for you? I used to always find in would eat pretty good during the week and come the weekend i would go nuts and would have ruined any of the good work I did during the week.

This was my second weekend being on duromine and another good weekend. Yes I did have some treats but not a whole 2 days of eating anything and everything I could get my hands on.

Today I forgot to take my tablet and have posted a thread in experiences about my day without it.

Even though generally I'm feeling good and I had a really good loss on weigh in day on Saturday I have that doubt coming back into my mind that it'll be it, I won't loose any more. I don't know why I think like this when I'm am still making healthy decision and really cutting back on my portion size. Damn brain trying to work against me!!
Welcome KaylaLou
I love this forum. Full of encouragement. I've been here for 7 days on duromine and today I lost 4 kg. I was 107 kg now 103kg. I couldn't wait to post it. I haven't told anyone else. I just want to wait if anyone notices. My goal is to loose 20 kg before Christmas. All the best.
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Congratulations that's a very very good loss!I'm setting myself lots of mini goals to keep me on track. The first is the 5 kgs mark which I'm 1.8kgs away from so if could lose that amount this week it would fantastic.

The next goal is to have lost a total of 10 kgs by the end of September. A friend is who also on duromine with me, it's her birthday then so we are aiming for that.

And after that, like you, my goal is to lose a total of 20 kgs by Christmas. I need to lose on average a kg per week to do so.

Then another 20 kg to go after that but we'll worry about that lot after lol one thing at a time ^_^
Well done tarme! That's a brilliant loss!

I've just weighed in for my first week (I started on a Wednesday), and I've lost 3kg. I'm super happy with that. Would I have liked more? Of course. But I've begun noticing things, like my jeans feeling looser and my tops looking a little baggy. I've also been to Crossfit four times during the end of the week, and we mainly did strength things, so I'm going to say that I've grown muscles (it sure feels like I've grown muscles - I'm sore!). Haha.

Yes, long term goals seem the same as yours, about 25kg by Christmas, and then I think the rest will be a lot slower to lose.

As for eating, my doctor is keeping me at about 1000 calories, and I track them on myfitnesspal and I've never gone above 1100 calories.

I cheated once on the weekend and had one of those frappe drinks that are loaded with sugar and fat. To make it up to myself I put my heart rate monitor on and stayed on the treadmill/did circuit training until I'd burnt off every one of the calories. Haha. I think I play the numbers game to give myself perspective.

Keep it up, we're doing really well :) Have a good day
Awesome work Hannah!

You seem very positive :) and it's great your already starting to see the changes.

I wish I could see some changes but alas, nothing. My partners mum did say that my face is starting to look a little different and that she thought it looked like I lost weight. So that was nice, I just wish I wasn't blind to it.

I'm contemplating if I should do a mid week weigh in to see how I'm tracking or not. I have that fear that I won't lose anything any more.
Just checking in all, as it's my second week weigh-in this morning.
I lost another 2kgs, which brings my loss over two weeks to 5kg.
Really happy with this!
Hope the rest of you are going well :)
Congrats ^_^

I'm in week 3 now, lost 3.2kgs the first week and only 300 grams the second week.

I've lost my mojo for crossfit :( I'm just so unmotivated for exercise.

I got up early this morning planning to do some cardio on the exercise bike and get into a habbit of doing it every morning. Just my luck though the resistance in the bike isn't working. I was so annoyed!!
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Hi Kayla, Im also in week 3 and I have lost 5kgs. I also find that even if I'm not hungry I still eat sometimes because of previous bad habits. I find that a hobby , a book or just a good movie keeps my mind of it. Sometimes I just give in and have some almonds or raisins or a fruit. I also lost my mojo a few days ago but when I thought about gaining the weight back I instantly went to workout. We are allowed to have bad days but nver let your hard work go in vain. You can do this. You are doing so well. If you cant cycle then I suggest a jump rope or just a jog. Works well.
Hey Kayla darling, I understand your state so well... Maybe a new playlist with your favorite music and a little (15 mins at start) jogging? Just for a change. Or something else, but something new for you, something you've never done before. Like swimming, do you have a swimming pool nearby? It's actually the best workout for any body type. Training for all the muscle groups and good for joints, spine.
I actually bought my self a new ipod shuffle and spent the previous night setting it all up and selecting at upbeat songs to get me going.

It's the middle of winter where I am so swimming isn't the top of my list right not lpl

I loved crossfit and I got sick and the I guess just lazy. I don't know why I'm not motivated to go.
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I see... maybe because you stopped eating 'everything you love' and hence the lack of motivation for physical activity. Ha) Why our body doesn't understand that we want to look beautiful and it needs to move more for that? Still, keep going Kayla, I hope soon your mood will change when you get used to this diet plan. Stay strong no matter what and believe you can do it!
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Can you get back to Crossfit Kayla? I feel amazing afterwards. It took a while, but now my body clock wakes me up to get there on time. I feel like I'm really heading forward when I get there everyday and eat well. But it's habit now. It took a while. You can do it!
You are right Hannah, you do feel great after woods cause you know you've worked your arse off. I don't know why I'm so unmotivated when I know i enjoy it so much when I'm there.

I just need to suck it up, pack my stuff and go straight from work.
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I found this and it made me laugh a little. This must be what you are all thinking listening to me whinge
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Weighed in today at the end of week 3 and I lost 1.3kgs this week ^_^ Damn that 200 grams that I didn't lose otherwise I would of achieved my first goal of losing 5 kgs.
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