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Duromine Day 4

Hello Ngaire! Did not have the chance to catch you at the very first entry, so now I happily tell you welcome to the forum and wish you a very successful weight loss journey! Congrats on good night’s sleep! Hope your cold goes away in no time and you feel better soon to start moving around a lot more actively without having to suffer from the headache. Have a lovely day! =))
Thanks April!
Unfortunately that good nights sleep only lasted for one night ! I fall asleep easily but then I’m awake all throughout the night . I’m a bit worried as at the moment I’m in school holidays so it’s ok , but I go back to work next week.

Day 6 15 mg
SW 84kg
CW 81.7 kg
Lost 2.3

I still have no appetite - eating small meals 3 times a day , and have cut out all of my coffee ( I was a double shot x3 per day) ...
Cold is starting to go away so fingers crossed I can start exercising this weekend .
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Day 10
FINALLY sleeping :) it took about 8 days for that to happen .
I haven’t weighed myself in about 4 days because it’s that time of the month and I don’t want to be disheartened. Feeling good , lots of energy and starting to exercise . I’m noticing that I’m snacking more and my appetite isn’t suppressed as much as it was in the first week . I live 4 hours from the doctor so going back in 3 weeks .
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Good for you! Finally! You survived 8 days of insomnia – brave woman! =)) Definitely bravo on exercising! This should help heaps to lose more and feel fitter. As for hunger, do your best to snack on healthy options and also include the snacks into your overall daily caloric value, just to make sure that you have your food under control. Fingers crossed, things will keep going in the good direction. Cheers!
Things have been going in the right direction! I’m 4kgs down now in just over 2 weeks, I’m very happy about that. I still could be exercising more. However I’ve been really concentrating on my eating and listening to my body. Feeling good , I’m off to the drs on the weekend, I’m going to see if he recommends going up to 30mg in the next month - that might stop snacking urges .
CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss and your positive attitude! It’s so great that you are focusing more on the way your body feels and responds to your food and activity. Fingers crossed you’ll get the desired Duromine dosage and the process goes even faster. Still, if you remain on 15 mg, you might consider the possibility of being a lil tougher on your exercises.. at least the ones that help you tone your body. It’s a completely different feeling =) Have a great positive week! Looking forward to your new updates
Almost at the end of my first month.... and the insomnia is BACK!! So I’ve dropped back to 15mg once every second day. I start 30mg in 5 days ( 10if I keep going every second day) and I am worried that the insomnia will be there with double the dosage . Sigh....
I have found I am very sensitive to caffeine while on Duromine. I dont drink tea or coffee but would usually have a can of coke a day. Previously I had no issues with caffeine late in the day but now it seems to effect my sleep even if I have it at lunchtime so I have cut altogether.
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Hi Ngaire, Plucky is right, avoiding caffeine-containing drinks may help you fight insomnia on Duromine. Besides, you will probably have to stick to the same administration schedule that you observe now, when you switch to 30mg. Fingers crossed the insomnia goes away and you manage to have a nice rest during the weekend. Cheers!
Thanks ladies :)
Since dropping back to taking the 15mg every second day by sleep has improved again! And victory today.... I’m down 4 kgs!
Day 28
SW 84
CW 80
Lost 4kgs
Height 164

4 kgs is a massive win for me... the insomnia has been a hurdle and I’ve been managing stress. I have been trying to lose those 4kgs for 6 months !!!
Bring on the next month :)
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