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Hi guys
Its day 7 and I feel at my worst. I have a headache and not hungry at all. I didnt have breakfast this morning. So forcing a cookie and hot chocolate down my throat. Will fill you all in later. :(
Happy are you ok? Have you been eating at all? I think your tummy trouble is listed on the side effects sheet inside. You have to eat, even if you dont feel like it.

Try some fruit, I feel I have lost the hunger for anything dry like bread, meat, biscuits and stuff but fruit makes your mouth feel better. Its really refreshing and gives you a break from just drinking water.
If you feel that bad today, try skipping a day and then have one Sunday. Some people can only handle them every second day as they find the effects carry over to the next day as well and everyday is too much for them.
Good luck, keep us posted on how you feel. If you really arent well go see the dr and skip taking them until you have had a check up. Nothing is worth being really sick over, not even weightloss. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you :)
Re: Excited about starting -> 1 week down & I lost :)

Hey thanks size16, I'm feeling much better and the runny tummy has stopped. Good news is that I weighed in on Saturday and lost "drum roll" 3 kg's in the first week. So I'm really happy. My waist is getting smaller I feel it when I put on my t-shirts. So I feel really motivated to carry on. Thanks for your concern and will def. fill u in on any details.
Good to hear you are ok.
*insert applause here*
And awesome about your loss :) I lost three last week too and feel good but I am not as thirsty this week and am a bit peckish again :(
Hi Guys
My second week and weighed in on Saturday. I have lost an additional 2kgs, making it a total of 5kgs in 2 weeks. I am so excited!!! take care guys till next time.

So glad I have found this forum! What a great place to hang out and support others!

I have an appointment with my GP on Thursday in hope that I can get duromine. I have been prescribed it before approx 12 months ago but was on a very low dosage. A friend of mine has recently tried it on 40mg per day and has had amazing results, so Im going to ask for the higher dosage this time too. Its too expensive to have 15mg and not see any results.

Fingers crossed i get it, so that i can hang out here more :)

Good luck to everyone and please keep posting as you posts are very inspriational.

Have a great Day!

My Time x
Well i thought i would start a journal here so i can track my progress and maybe even help others in the future during their journeys.

Its my first day on 40mg of Duromine. I took it at 7am. My stats are -

8/1/12 - Day 1 87.1kg

This is the second time i will have tried duromine the first time was 12 months ago and it didnt work for me as i was started on an extremly low dose and only got to 40 mg by month 3 and by this time i was so disheartened by the lack of weightloss i didnt actually take my last months pills - silly i know.

But this time i went to my GP and asked for 40mg to start with and thankfully she agreed. Its expensive to take the smaller mg pills when i know they dont work for me.

Diet and exercise wise, Im going to try and stick to a high protein / low carb diet, eating little but often. Ive booked 13 session of hypoxi which are 3 a week starting from tomorrow, so hopefully everything combined will give my weightloss a great start. I also want to start doing my 30 day shred dvd but i dont think i should try and plan too much and overload myself as i will only fail :( i know me :(

Anyway - here goes! I hope someothers decide to join me on my three month journey :)

My Time x
Well in hind-sight it wasn't the best idea to start my diet yesterday as I was at a party all day surrounded by wonderful food which I washed down with lots of cocktails lol. I only started yesterday because Im hoping the my sleeping pattern will (if it was going to be affected by the meds) get back into more of a routine quicker as I'm a gal who likes and needs her sleep.

Today I feel very nervous and edgy, been awake since 2am :( I feel really strange to the extent that I wasn't going to take my pill today but after nearly keeling over after running for my train this morning I know I need to do this.

So pill popped! Planning and drinking loads of water and eating a very low carb diet today. Will report back later.

My time
Well day went well. I felt really hot all day but never hungry to the extent that I forgot to eat! It was my first day back at work so I was really busy, the day just flew by. I didn't eat correctly yesterday, as I wasn't prepared but I will today.

Yesterdays food intake-

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - an apple
Dinner - homemade beef madras (very small potion) made with just spices, beef stock and lean beef.

I did drink lots of water, I took the stairs at work and did an hypoxi session which included 30 on the exercise bike.

Weight this morning 87.2kg that's an increase of 0.1kg :(

Hoping for a better day today and better results tomorrow

My time
Well yesterday went really well! I still feel as though I'm burning up but it's not unpleasant and my sleeping routine is shot, I'm averaging around 4 hours disturbed sleep a night. I also have a raging thirst.

My food choices were a lot better

Breakfast - a boiled egg
Snack - an apple
Lunch - grilled chicken
Dinner - salad

I also drank loads of water.

I havent weighed myself yet as it's still only 3:45am so I will ost an update in a couple of hours.

One thing I have noticed is that I haven't been to the toilet properly since starting the meds when normally I'm very regular. Will increase my water in take and hope that helps

My time
well i started my journey on sunday, I live in Perth too... Im experiencing everything you are. To combat the sleep thing I take Mersyndol (which u buy over the counter) take two and a good nights sleep. I have to get sleep as i work 70 hours a week :(. Today i had celery, strawberries and an apple for dinner, cant stomach much else on the 40mg. As for the toilet thing, I hear u there, I drink atleast 5 litres of water a day and it doesnt help, if u find something good to fix this let me know. As for burning up, well everyone at work knows what i am doing and are very supportive... they put the aircon up for me to help me. We even compare lunches now to see who has the healthiest. Its good to have a support base. Mind u my husband and kids had pizza for dinner tonight... grrrrrrrr ..... i felt like crying while i ate my stupid apple. Guess it will be worth it in the end. I know the side effects to ware off, ive been on duromine before and lost 38kg in 6 months so it does work so dont loose faith.

Hi Shan!

Thanks for joining in, it was getting lonely here! I'm not struggling with food at the moment but that's only because Ive only had to cook for myself this week. This does change tonight though so we will have to see how I get on.

I've decided that although I took my first pill on Sunday, I didn't really start the diet plan until Monday due to that party so I'm altering my day numbers. So today is day 4

I ate more yesterday to try and help me go to the toilet which worked.

Food wise I had

Breakfast - boiled egg
Lunch - chicken salad
Dinner - spag Bol without the spag made with turkey mince.

I drink about 5 lts of water yesterday too!

Weight this morning

= -0.8kg

Not too bad after three full days.

My time x
My weightloss should read-

Start weight 9th Jan 87.1kg
Current weight 12th Jan 86.4 kg
Total loss to date 0.7kg
Whoop whoop!

Just weighed myself and I'm 85.8kg that's 1.3kg loss since Monday!

Drank at the 4lts of water yesday and food wise I had -

Breakfast - boiled egg ( didn't eat the yolk)
Lunch - chicken salad
Dinner - grilled chicken

Side affects are still ongoing the only one that really gets to me is the fact I feel as though I'm burning up all of the time everything else is ok to deal with.

My time
Weigh the same today as yesterday was my day off the no alcohol train  had a few drinks after work but food wise I was really good.

Back on tract today, looking forward to a healthy food and no alcohol day :)
Hi everyone,

First day of Duromine....

My goal is to lose 20 kilos. I am getting married in September this year, and its my second marriage. I absolutely refuse to be a chubby bride (again). As this is going to be my last marriage (lol) it's my only chance to finally look good in wedding photos. I have been trying to lose weight on and off for about 10 years, it's now time to get serious. My doctor has prescribed the 40mg tablets, and I have to see him every thirty days for a weigh in.

Age: 37
Starting weight: 75.9 kgs
Goal weight: 55 kgs
Height: 152cms
Mini goal: 65 kgs

Anyway, I could use some support, so anyone who wants to tell me their story and come along for the ride is most welcome. Hope to hear from you soon. I am based in Brisbane, and would love some duromine buddies.
I start duro tomorrow, I was given the 40mg too. I am brissy based my self aswell and congrats on the wedding :)
My age 20
Weight 115kg
height 175cm
goal weight 80kg

so I got a lot of weight to shed!

Also anyone who is reading this, My doctor took me off my original contraception the depo as this is the main and only reason I weigh so much! I never was told that the depo-provera can reduce your metabolism rate by up to 80% so please trust me when i say be carefull what contraception you use ladies!

Toodles for now :)
Holy Frijoles, guys! 40mg is INTENSE! Where is your Doctor?! (I'd like to get me some of that!)

I have the Implanon in my arm right now. It would be interesting to see if I drop weight if I got it out... but then that would increase the whole baby thing, which I'm not ready for at all :(

And Wanna Be A Hot Mumma... I'm on the SS Lotsa Weight to Lose with you! I have a total of 39.7kg to lose (21.4kg to go!!)
Hey guys, thanks for replying...

Laura, am based in Brissy, so might be a bit far for you to come for the stronger meds...lol. I am very inspired by your progress so far, so please keep posting.

Wannabeahotmumma, might be easier to lose if it's just contraceptive weight? Fingers crossed for you it is...Hows your first day going?

Well, my day two so far

Went to sleep at midnight, awake at 4am. It's now lunchtime and I'm feeling pretty good in spite of the early morning.

Foodwise am aiming for about 1200 calories per day...

Toast and two cups of coffee for brekkie

2 handfuls (about 40grams) of dry roasted mixed nuts for snack

1/2 cup green grapes and a fruit yoghurt for lunch

Planning to have:

Dried apricots for afternoon snack

Steak and garden salad for dinner

Was ravenous when I woke up this morning and in fact still a bit hungry, but am doing ok. No weird symptoms yet...dry mouth seems to be about it, but that works for me cos I'm not a big water drinker so it forces me to drink more.

Anyway, good luck guys...hope to hear from you again soon.
Well done ladies you are doing great!!

First day was today, doc put me straight on 40mg. So far no side-effects other than a little bit of dry mouth, no cravings! and energy (which I dont mind at all)

Laura bear - Be carefull with the implanon, I had it in around 3 years ago and stacked on about 15kg in under two months! Not only that it also moved up in my arm, but everyone reacts differently to different things.
I am now totally off the depo and started taking the pill again as of yesterday..

I was suprised that my doc gave me the 40mg duro straight away but he said the stronger dose will really help me get my metabolism back to normal and the pill will help as well so fingers crossed x

Good luck ladies you're doing great!!! :)

Keep me posted on how your doing & I will do the same cya :)

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