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Customised, Duromine and Ozempic Meal Plan with Nutritionist support! 🫶



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Aug 16, 2015

Greetings, dear users!

We've launched our project MyHealthyWeight.com.au (MHW) ❤️

You've often heard of and maybe even tried customised diet services. Most formulate diets based on the Harris-Benedict formula, using minimal data about you, such as age, weight and height. There needs to be more for successful and, most importantly, healthy weight loss! Our team of accredited nutritionists have developed a unique Quiz diagnostic that will help us identify problems such as:
  • chronic fatigue
  • GI problems
  • high cholesterol
  • problematic skin
  • decreased libido.
All of these conditions are part and parcel of being overweight. With proper nutrition, you will be able to lose excess weight without harming your body and solve other problems that will significantly improve the quality and standard of your life!

What have we prepared so far?
  • Unique diagnostics for identifying problems that interfere with your healthy weight loss
  • Four or 12-week 'done-for-you' meal plans with Grocery lists and recipes
  • Over 500 hand-picked PDF customised meal plans
  • Customised Meal Plan based on the LCHF Diet
  • Duromine Meal Plan (LCHF Diet Base)
  • Ozempic Meal Plan (LCHF Base + FodMap Diet)
What can you learn right now by taking our unique diagnostic?
  1. Your basal metabolism
  2. Find out the number of calories you need to lose weight
  3. Calorie needs to know your weight maintenance
  4. What is the minimum amount of water you need to drink?
  5. Your BMI
  6. To find out how many kilos you can lose in two months by eating right without harming your body.
  7. Download a free three-day meal plan based on your needs
Take our Quiz now!

What are we working on, and what's in store for you soon?
  1. 100% Personalised Meal Plans, which will be customised and designed for your needs
  2. Keto Meal Plans
  3. Individual nutritionist support
  4. Personalised support and accompaniment by a psychologist
Start the New Year off right!

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