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6 weeks - 13.3kg weight loss



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Nov 14, 2022
So, yes that number is super exciting, but I’m also shitting myself. 6 weeks ago I had a doctor who threw a 3month script at me for 30mg and told me nothing. So I’ve been educating myself on here, the best that I can, and I’ve been doing it all wrong.

As soon as the hunger stopped, I pretty much just stopped eating.

I now realise I’ve been ruining my metabolism and everything that’s been lost, is going to come straight back.

I found out a couple of years ago that I have Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension, and the neurologist suggested my best chance of avoiding brain surgery, was losing 20kg.

I gained another 20kg before I was put on duromine.

I want to give myself the best chance I can, with the next 6 weeks I have left.

Should I do calorie counting? Just trying to maintain 12,000 calories a day?

Because “make healthier choices and eat smaller portions” is too vague for me. I need more concrete details to focus on.

And I barely have any nutritional knowledge, so I would love some suggestions on what I should be focusing on. Like I heard protein is good for keeping you full? And keeping calories low, allows your body to burn fat that’s already there. But I honestly have no idea about anything else. And when I google it, it’s explained as if I have some prior knowledge.

Anyway, if you can help I’ll be forever grateful.

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