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30.3kgs Loss In 6 1/2 Months!



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Apr 2, 2015
Hi there all,

Have been so busy with life in general and actually forgot that I joined this forum back in April when I started Duromine so I thought I would update y'all on my progress so far!

April 2015- 123.1kg Start weight

Nov 2015- 92.8kgs

= 30.3kg LOSS IN 6 1/2months

Still have 18kgs to lose to reach my Goal Weight of 75kgs
And have given myself until April 2016 to do so
Dr says my chances of keeping it off are really high due to after initially fast weight drop at start I have steadied and will work in my favour!

Healthy eating and portion control as well as dicipline have been the key things for me and I do minimum excercise 1-2 times a week... Light weights and excercise bike for 30min(18klm) I am feeling really good about myself and my whole lifestyle change I don't really have a great before photo to show comparison but I've got these few pics to she progress! Anyone out there wanting to give Duromine a go... Go for it I say but remember it's hard work and not a miracle pill... You just have to have the right mind set to do it and you will achieve... I believe in each and every one of you
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