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120 kilos To 100.9 Kilos Push From Duromine



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Jan 6, 2013
Sydney NSW
Taking duromine has to.be the best choice i have made with my weight, starting off at 68kilos didn't worry me, being rather tall and very energetic had its advantages. Once i got pregnant with my first child i got carried away and fulfilled all my cravings which probably wasn't the best choice now i think about it, i climbed.the weight scale and reached a whooping 96kilos.

After having a break before we had our next, i lost only 1 kilos but clearly i wasn't trying hard enough. I feel pregnant with my next 2 years later and didn't watch my weight being ( i thought what else could go wrong, I was already big) after I had my second I once again put on more weight now reaching an insane 120kilos. I was so upset by this that I tryed diets, detox, even starving myself, exercising and healthy eating dropped my weight down you 110kilos but then stopped. I researched more helpful ways and found, duromine, I saw results and stories which inspired me so the next day I went to my GP and he didnt even hesitate to give me a prescription, he prescribed me 30mg.

Start weight: 110 kilos
Age: 21
Height: 5' 6
Date: Early Sept

I took it early in the morning and had and instant rush, my body felt out of control, it was like I was on fast forward, I couldnt siy down still for a second, I had dry mouth, couldnt sleep and, had the shakes, by the looks of it, it wasn't unusual. After a week I lost 3kilos and another 2kilos 3 weeks later but after that it slowed down, so I stopped for a month.

Start weight: 110kilos
Weight lose One month of duromine : 5 kilos

A month passes and I get engaged, at this point I'm desperate to lose weight and turn to duromine, the doctor prescribes me a higher dose of 40mg and gosh does my body know it. Im now in my second week and down to 100.9 kilos, so close to being under 100 and can't wait to break that mental barrier.

I can see the difference in my face, arms and legs, from 120kilos to 100.9kilos its honestly amazing and couldn't've done it, without the push from duromine.
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