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1 Month Down! A Little Bit Of Success!



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Feb 16, 2019
Hello all!
Little bit of background for me,I am very petite (147cm) and I have been trying to lose weight ever since September 2018 and I am able to manage to lose atleast 0.1-0.3kg a week that’s with going keto, counting calories(I eat 1200 cal), doing IF and exercising 2x a week.. I feel I am doing so much and losing very little so I tried to use Duromine, I did extensive research about it and was able to find out it helps women with PCOS (oh yeah I have that too, very complicated life lol) so I decided to give it a go.

For the first week I took my duromine as early as 5am, then I took some sleeping tea(Valerian root based) 3 hours before bedtime so I could fall asleep in time.

My routine would consist of 10k steps a day (I work with little children so I get very busy at work), very easy to do intermittent fasting as I don’t feel hungry all day, then I would eat right after I get home then another one with my fiancé so I can meet my daily calorie requirements although sometimes I only eat one meal which is the dinner so less calories for me!

We also tried to go to the gym at least once (we are very busy people pls don’t judge:oops:) but we go for badminton every week.

After 3 weeks I am alright taking it a little bit later (8-9am) not being awake all night long anymore)

30 days later I’ve finished the whole packet! (I skipped some days because I felt I could go on longer without getting hungry, especially on weekends because I try to relax when it comes to my meals:laughing:)

Some side effects I’ve experienced and how I countered them:
-palpitation (Accepted it that it’s bound to happen from time to time, slowed down whatever I was doing),
-thirst(more water),
-insomnia (Valerian Roots based sleeping tablets and tea),
-constipation (water, veggies, chia seeds in my smoothie, or if I’m desperate I’ll go for Metamucil)

So here are my stats:
Height: 147cm
Start weight before duro: 62.3kg (137.1pounds)
Start weight right before duro: 61.35kg (134.9 pounds)
Current weight: 58.35kg (128.4 pounds)
Loss total: 3kg(6.6 pounds)
Goal Weight: 50kg (110 pounds)

First goal: 60 (132)
Second goal: 57 (125.4)
Third goal: 53 (116.6)
Ultimate goal: 50(110)

I know it’s just 3 kg but for me it’s a big deal because I’ve been trying so goddamn hard to shed extra pounds this is only the start of something new and I just want to share my success first month story with everyone. Don’t lose hope and we will get there slowly and surely :)

I will update on my 2nd 3rd month as I am gonna take a break from the medicine for a week or two if I feel like it and get back on it.

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