1. April

    Duromine Week 2

    The second week is the time when your body gets used to the Duromine effect. Most adverse reactions are gone; the scales show the first spiffy results. Most people are excited to share their results by Week 2 on Duromine. At the same time, some people notice that their weight loss has slowed...
  2. H

    Newbie here! Im Excited to Start.

    Hey guys, I was so happy to find this wonderful forum! I have just been given a perscription of duromine 30mg from my doctor. I have heard amazing things about this product like losing 7kg in a week! i have about 7kgs to lose (the last part is always the hardest for me) and i am really...
  3. C

    Duromine And Type 1 Diabetes.

    Tomorrow I start my lot of 15mg Duromine. I am diabetic and been overweight as long as I can remember. I have heard so much about duromine in the past but was always too scared to ask my doctor in case she said no and crushed my dreams! I finally plucked the courage this afternoon and got a...
  4. S

    Duromine & Metformin?

    hello! I have just re started taking Duromine 30mg, in desperate need to loose some weight! I am also on Metformin for PCOS, just wondering if anyone else is taking both medication and if you found any different side effects etc?
  5. April

    Duromine Day 1

    Today is your first "Duromine" day. Your journey has just begun, and you are so excited! :sun: When to take your first capsule? What adverse reactions may you experience? What changes may happen to your body? What to eat? How much water to drink? When does Duromine start working? Oh...
  6. April

    Duromine Week 3

    It's your Duromine Week 3! Wow! :party: I guess you feel better than you felt during the first few days. Dry mouth, insomnia, and other occasional adverse reactions are pretty normal for the third week on Duromine. But I should notice that some people start to experience constipation. Let me...
  7. A

    First Week Down!! Results

    Week 1 Starting Weight: 129kg Current Weight: 120.3kg Loss: 8.7kg I Finally worked up the courage to start taking Duromine 15 mg last week and I couldn't be happier! I was a little bit worried about the side effects but the only one I have really experienced at the moment has been a really...
  8. April

    Duromine Second Time Round

    Welcome back to a new Duromine weight loss journey, dear!:) I am sure you are here because you've succeeded with Duromine in the past, and now a new weight loss journey begins! Here are some other reasons why do most people have a second time around: They have lost a significant amount of...