first week

  1. April

    Duromine Day 4

    It's your fourth day on Duromine, right? It seems that you have lost some kilos these days. Ace! If you didn't lose anything, you need to reconsider your daily routine. First of all, you need to eat—bloody oath. Don't skip your breakfast or dinner, and don't forget about healthy snacks during...
  2. April

    Duromine Day 1

    Today is your first "Duromine" day. Your journey has just begun, and you are so excited! :sun: When to take your first capsule? What adverse reactions may you experience? What changes may happen to your body? What to eat? How much water to drink? When does Duromine start working? Oh...
  3. S

    Pain Killers

    Hi all I started Duromine yesterday 23/02/2013. Am extremely thirsty. I have an underactive thyroid so losing weight is an issue. I am currently 71kg and need to lose at least 10kg. I also get migraines - have a headache now. Not sure if you can guide me - Are painkillers such as myprodol...