Week One : The Beginning

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Hallo All.

Thanks for giving me this oppertunity to communicate with fellow weight fighters! That is what it has been for me for years! A constant battle between food, glorious food and my EVER increasing waistline. I literally cry when I weigh myself on Monday mornings. I had some success with a calories and carb control diet but that lasts just till my first family get together or worse: Sunday lunch. The problem is I can cook and bake very well, but I am no chef. So unfortunately my food turns out unhealthy and carb and fat LOADED. But no more. I literally had enough. I cannot for the life of me believe I am doing this to myself. I overcame my sigarette addiction with sheer will power and I will beat this buldge I carry around. This is week one for me and already I feel like a failure. I had a terrible headache yesterday and I took pity on myself and without thinking consumed 3 packets of crisps in half an hour. And as I crumpled the last pack to throw it away I remembered I was on a diet. HOW CAN I FORGET!!!!??? I am going to have to step up the psychology if I want to make it. Duromine might stop the "physical" cravings, but my mind has a unhealthy relationship with food that it loves but does not respect.

Just so you guys know I have the BIG GUN in my arsenal for this : Sheer Primal Will Power.

So to start off the Stats Department:

Age : 31
Height : 1.75
BMI : 47.5 (According to some online calculator. Not sure how more high numbers are supposed to help.)
Weight : 145.6 Kg
Goal Weight : 85 - 90 Kg
The reason is I literally have heavy bones. Was tested by a doctor so I am not sure how close I can get without becoming unhealthy. I haven't been that weight in 22 years. To be quite honest I will settle for ANYTHING less than 100 kg. BUT a goal is a goal and this can be done. I am going to post updates on Mondays but will visit often.


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