Week 3 - damn that dress is ugly!

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Week 3 with a loss of 800gr – whoopee. But without being to sarcastic or unappreciative I will take the loss no matter how small over a gain any time. I had to do some shopping for my summer wardrobe and the emotions were twofold: first being elated that in some shops I actually fit in a size 20 (use to be a 24+), but also super sad that I still have to buy what fits me and not what I truly like. Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy going on because oh my word some of the bigger sized clothing are so damn ugly :mad:. I’m too scared to touch it, scared the ugly is going to jump on me and strangle me. But I kept comforting myself that this will be the last summer that I will have to struggle to find clothing, next summer will be a completely different experience.
With regards to my eating regime, I’m still cutting out as much carbs and sugars as possible. So it is basically protein, good fats and vegetables for me. I have read some articles and postings that cutting out dairy for little while can assist in weight loss if you have reached a plateau or if the weight is coming off slow. So from yesterday I have also taken dairy products (milk, cream, cheese & yoghurt) out of the diet. Really hopeful that it will shock the system into some weight loss.
SW: 120
CW: 114.9 (5.1)
GW: 75
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Well done on your loss.
I'm hearing you when it comes to larger sized clothing!
Do they think we all want to look like we are wearing tents?
Ugly, ugly, ugly.
Also there is very little choice so all us larger women have to be dressed alike. Yuck.
I'm starting to venture into the top end of some of the 'regular' stores now. Yippee. The choices are amazing. I even bought a top in Rockmans the other day size L not XL or XXL. In the big girl shop (Autograph) I have gone down from a tight fitting size 20 to an 18 and now need a 16. I am under no illusions that I am a 16 though. I'm sure the big girl stores sizings are generous. I think their pants have less shape in the waist. I can't wait for the day when I can go into a regular store and be able to pick from anything in their range. Goodbye fat clothes. Not going to miss you at all.

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