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weight loss this week is 1.0kg.

So I’ve not had the best week stress wise. Huge amount of personal stress with managing my Grandmothers estate, lost my $2500 deposit on my new sofa when the trader closed down the business, organising paperwork as one of my foster kittens has been adopted and my house a mess from having kids play dates and sleepovers during the school holidays also having 6 cats and 2 dogs don’t help. To top it off my brother in law informed me he was coming to Melbourne for the weekend and would be staying at our house with only 3 days notice.
Work was behind so I needed to do overtime. I worked 50 hours last week.

As a result of this my diet suffered. I was up and down all week on the scales. Some days I forgot to eat meals. Even though I remembered to drink at least 3L of water every day. I didn’t exercise this week but I spent 3 days flat out cleaning out the spare room that looked like a storage unit, the spare bathroom which was full of dust because it hasn’t been used in a long time and my daughters bedroom which I couldn’t see the floor through all the mess. The rest of the house I had to dust, mop vacuum ect. I worked that hard my wrists felt sprained and my fingers were stiff. Also my job is very physical too.
I think I slept about 5 hours every night because I needed all the time I could to get what I had to done.

On Sunday I felt extremely sick. I had a huge headache.
Monday I woke up with the headache and felt sick and I realised I need to start eating properly again. After breakfast I felt better. I’ve been eating 1200 cals per day since then and taking my dogs for a walk every day. Just over 12,000 steps per day and 26 flights of stairs or so my phone tells me. Not including my 9 hours of work per night as I’m not allowed to have my phone on me.

I’m really hoping to get my diet and exercise right this week. I don’t want to make myself sick again.


Oh poor thing… what a horrible week you had. It is natural that Duromine made you feel bad. With all the stress and poor eating… Glad that you’re back on track with the food and looks like you’re super-active! Bravo! Hope, you’ll have an amazing week!

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