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Week 2 Results - 48.7kg (3.7kg lost)

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Still on Ozempic 0.25mg. Pretty happy with the results.
Lowest weight this week was 48.7kg

I would have lost more had I not stalled one day and injected my second dose on the 8th day rather than the 7th.


Hello dear @Jica,
How are you today? How's your journey?
StacyB said:
Hello dear @Jica,
How are you today? How's your journey?
Hey Stacy,

Good - my lowest weight I got close to was 47.9kg. I've sinced stopped the ozempic but been happy about my journey. If I gain weight back up I plan to come back but been pretty happy since.
Hello @Jica,
Really? That's fantastic news! I am so happy about you! That's incredible!
Thank you for sharing your results with us! I hope you continue your healthy lifestyle and will never gain the weight back!

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