Week 1 - max. 2.1kg total weight loss

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Had my day 1 of Ozempic yesterday. I didn't snack for the first time in a very long time!
My normal calorie intake is anywhere from 1200-1400 calories.
*I will update this blog as the week goes on.

Weight - 30th August 2022: 52.4kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8 cals)
Lunch: 1/2 can of Baked beans (186 cals) + 1 fried egg (83 cals)
Dinner: Macca's Cookies (166 cals) + Maccas Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (230cals)
Overall calorie count: 683

Weight - 31st August 2022: 51.6kg
Weight lost: 0.8kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8)
Lunch: skipped
Dinner: oats + milk + honey (220)
Snack: Pistachios (68)
Overall calorie count: 316 calories

Comment: I definitely felt fuller on day 2 for like the whole day. Ozempic kicked in yesterday but really came into effect today. Feels like I ate a buffet yesterday and I'm still full (sort of feeling but for the whole day).

Weight - 1st September 2022: 50.9kg
Weight loss: 0.7kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8)
Lunch: 17xPistachios (68) + 4x Brazil Nuts (132)
Dinner: Satay Vegy Vermecelli (~118) *I had 1.5 fork twirls of vermecelli with vegies. Wasn't hungry. Felt incredibly full.
Snack: 15x Pistachios (60) + Cinamon Cake (226) + tea (20)
Overall Calorie count: 632

Comment: Normally if I weight 50.9kg I would feel like I've made a lot of effort and would tend to binge. Will observe over the next few days what will happen. It's been seriously effortless so far like I haven't even bothered dieting (not even been hunger once) and I've already lost 1.5kg.

Weight - 2nd September 2022: 50.7kg
Weight loss: 0.2kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8)
Lunch: Sponge cake (168)
Dinner: Gyoza x 1 (49) + Chips x 13 (150) + Lotus Chips x 2 (20)
Snack: Pistachios x 10 (40) + Tea (10)
Overall Calorie count: 445

Comment: Last night I had cake a few hours before bedtime. I actually felt a hunger pang for the first time this week. Woke up this morning. Feeling full. Perhaps my body is starting to clear the Ozempic. Less weight loss today as I had dinner with someone last night and felt bad if I didn't eat.

Weight - 3rd September 2022: 50.3kg
Weight loss: 0.4kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8)
Lunch: Roti Tisu (752) :( *Didn't realise how high in calorie it was.
Dinner: Chinese dinner (???) *I stuck mostly to vegies.
Overall Calorie count: ~1200 calories

Comment: I had half my roti for lunch and snacked on the reminder today not realise how high the calories was. I have father's day dinner to go to tonight... Not looking forward to it. I don't feel hunger at all this past week but I can feel the ozempic clearing as I wouldn't have snacked previously.

Note to self: If I have leftover restaurant food - don't take it. Leave it there. Else it will be a temptation or pretend to and then throw it in the bin.

Weight - 4th September 2022: 50.3kg
Weight loss: 0kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8)
Lunch: Caesar Salad (160) + Tea (10) + 17xPistachios (68)
Dinner: Caesar Salad (16) + Tea (10) + 1x Brazil nut(30)
Snack: Tea (10) + 10xPistachios(40) + 2xKitKat (520)
Overall Calorie: 1016 calories

Comment: I was lucky yesterday's outings didn't make me gain. At least I'm still on the same weight as yesterday. I'm definitely returning back to my "normalish" calorie count before starting ozempic. I was hungry last night from 8pm-12pm which led me to eat 2xKitKat bars. :( If not for that, I would have kept in the 500 range.

Weight - 5th September 2022: 50.5kg
Weight loss: +0.2kg

Breakfast: Coffee with milk (8) + 30x Pistachios (120) + 1xBrazil Nut(30)
Lunch: Thai Salad (130)
Dinner: Dumplings (120)
Snacks: Smith Salt and Vinegar Chips (317) + Mars bar(212)
Overall Calorie: 997

Comment: Feeling upset that I gained but overall this week was a success with Ozempic. I normally get to 51kg and binge on snacks and get back to 52.4kg so losing so much weight in a week and weighing 50.5kg is already above average in terms of my own weight loss experience. It would take me at least 3 weeks to get from 52.4kg to 50.3kg (max weight loss this week). I get the feeling I won't be able to break past the 50.3kg barrier by the end of this week but overall I am quite satisfied with the ozempic experiment so far.


Ohhhh lady you are so light already!!
is it rude to ask are you very short?

Last time I weighed 50kg I was porbably in like grade 3

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