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1 week today of being on Duromine and I’m down 3.7kg I’ve gone from 77.6kg to 73.9kg! Had to double check the scale this morning.
The first 2 day’s I was full of energy, abit wired and spaced out at times and didn’t sleep. But everyday since then besides suppressed appetite (that has gotten abit more the last 2 day’s) I have felt normal and SUPER tired. A few of the day’s I had naps in the day and still felt tired by 8:30 at night.
I’m really happy with my results of the week and wondering if I should take the tablet every second day? Or I’m thinking of taking the first month each day and then every second day so it lasts longer. Has anyone ever done that?
I don’t expect to lose as much to next week but I hope it doesn’t slow down too much.
Also I don’t know if I should skip the tablet on Christmas Day? I don’t plan to eat a lot but there will be a lot of food and I don’t want to make it too obvious I’m dieting so I’ll be eating abit, even if I have a plate and then small dessert it’ll be a lot of calories... I just feel like I’ll be wasting the tablet lol.
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Hello, dear @icaniwill1992 :sun:
How are you doing today?
Some people take Duromine every second day, but we all are different. I think it's better to ask your doctor. However, it's normal to skip a day if you have been on Duromine for more than one month.
If you are tired, check if you consume enough calories for energy.
I wish you a successful weight loss journey! :heart: Keep us updated :kissing_heart:
Hey, congratulations on your first week! Almost 4 kilograms loss is a great achievement.:bomb: Did you change your diet habits?
I think there is nothing wrong with making a cheat day (night?) for Christmas. :innocent: Fatigue should pass during the second week. If you still feel the loss of energy, consult with your doctor. He can adjust your dose or prescribe vitamins. Good luck on your weight loss journey, and Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!!!:party::party::party:
I also felt tired for the first few days... Then it goes away!
Any one here at age 65 and in 2021... these posts seem to be very old.
I will need to loose 30kgs....What a mountain to climb.
But I really need to do this.

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