Week 1 - Day 2... Where did my energy go?

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Hi everyone,
I had some pretty solid plans last night to not just roll over in bed and go back to sleep after taking my tablet at 5am, but to get up and walk my dog. Alas, I was so tired that I just went back to sleep. But to be fair, I was just as tired when I re-awoke at 7:30 ish, and the tiredness was gone after about 15min. Damn... I probably should have pushed through and went for the walk at 5am. You live and learn :rolleyes:
Although I got about 6hrs sleep last night (not ideal, but not the worst) I actually don’t have as much energy as yesterday. My body is quite sore from yesterday’s HIIT workout, so perhaps that is contributing to it. Given my low energy and sore body, I think I might leave the Fitbit Coach workout for today and take my dog for his walk this evening. It’s about 1000 degrees C in Brisbane at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be cooler later on. Maybe I can source some beginners Pilates instructions, I hear that Pilates is fairly beneficial! I will be moving house in the next few days, so I will be set for reaching exercise goals on those days haha
I have been reading over quite a few blogs on this website, and not only are they super informative and motivational but they have made me really consider the <1000 cals I consumed yesterday. Food is fuel for my body, and too little fuel is going to hinder me in reaching my goals. Today I have focused on reaching calorie targets through healthy food, and keeping meals small but frequent. I’m still pretty bloated, and I have just realised that I might be a little constipated. I am still waiting for the elusive PMS, and I really wish it would just hurry up already lol
I binge-read Leigh’sgottalottolose’ blog this morning, and am wondering how she is doing now - 3 years on from her last post. I loved reading her blog, and am wishing her all the best.
I am using the heat of the day to set up an excel spreadsheet that I can transfer my food and exercise logs to from my phone apps. I want to be able to print off my logs for my monthly check-ins with my doctor. It also makes me feel productive and in control, which is my favourite mood lol
I will probably check in again tonight - I am finding these blog entries therapeutic, and they help me put my thought in order. I hope everyone on this site has a successful and happy day today X

Well, I didn’t end up looking up or doing any Pilates, HOWEVER! I did take my dog for a 2 km, 30 min walk this afternoon Fitbit tells me that I managed to burn 239 calories, plus my pup REALLY enjoyed it. I would ideally like to do this every other day, in between days of doing a HIIT workout (or similar). I am also hoping that the more I do this, the longer I can exercise and the stronger I can become
I also binge-read another blog entry this afternoon, and found it really inspiring. It definitely boosted my motivation!
I finally finished off my exercise & food diary spreadsheet. I might change it a bit from where it is now, but it would really only be for aesthetics. It’s set up to automatically highlight problematic results, and generate statistic based on data input. I will create a new tab for each week, and each weekly diary entry is designed to print easily onto 1 page so I can print them off at the end of each month to take to my doctor. I use other mobile apps (Fitbit, and the app for my smart scales) to keep more detailed records through the day. I am just transferring the numbers over at the end of the day. I am also considering taking weekly progress photos - though I will need to get a move on with my first one tomorrow! This is a sample of my first week so far:

I am going to take 1/2 an OTC sleeping aid tonight, and will again set my alarm for 5am. Hopefully if I get a good night sleep, I’ll feel better tomorrow. I hope everyone has had an amazing day! Xx
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