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Yeah so ... been a very long time since I updated ... But after the first week on Duromine, everything seems to be the same; there's nothing special to write about.

So yeah, week three. I'm not getting the sickness feeling anymore and the constipation seems to be better. I still wake up at silly hours of the morning and have restless sleeps - but I still relax in bed 'til I think it's time to get up. I've been in a lot of pain recently, but that has nothing to do with the pills (read previous posts - medical condition).

I have been exercising approximately 5 days a week, and in that I rotate between a 40-50min walk with the dogs and an hour working out in my room with a swiss ball, a couple of 3kg weights and our ab circle pro (yes, I still think it's stupid and for 3 minutes a day DOES NOT WORK. But my options are limited, and this gets me to a sweat without much impact).

I've been eating pretty well I think. I have had to change my diet; but haven't we all? I have mentioned this on a forum, but did you know our meal system are all backwards. What I mean is that we have our smallest meal at the start of the day, and largest at the end of the day. That's silly because we need more of our energy for the morning to last the day, rather than at the end of the day when we start to unwind. Having a larger breakfast also speeds up your metabolism a bit. So for breakfast I normally have a piece of wholegrain toast with sliced banana on top, a yoghurt or milk drink, and a piece of fruit. Lunches vary on how I'm feeling, and how much I have done. For dinner I try to have almost no carbs, and lots of veggies.

I have been weighing myself everyday ... which I know is really bad. I have noticed that I can go a few days without losing anything, then lose a kilogram in a couple days ... and sometimes put some back on a day after. But that's okay, at the end of the week it starts to even out.

So weigh in.
Age: 18
Height: 171cm
Start weight: 87.5kg
Current weight: 82.5kg

So yeah, I'm pretty happy with a loss of 5kg's to date. I have one week until I go back to my doctor to ask for a repeat. I feel pretty confident he will give it to me. The fact I'm losing weight kinda takes my mind off the pain sometimes, and it stops me from wanting to eat when I'm upset.

Just want to make you all smile :)
Also, this is totally unrelated. But I hoped this would put a smile on the face of who ever is reading this. I love making people smile, whether it's a compliment, a joke or comic posted on a friends facebook page or just something nice.

So it was my dads birthday in August and my brother and I thought of an awesome prank to play on him. We arrived at his house at 10pm at night (everyone at his house was asleep by then) loaded with tuppaware dishes, water and cotton balls. Lots and lots of cotton balls. So for the next 3-4 hours we sat there and dipped the cotton balls in the water and stuck them to his car. We actually ran out half way through and had to go to Pak'n'Save to get more ... Not only do people look at you weird for buying a whole box (approx 20 packets) of cotton balls, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay for them through the self checkout (that is the only checkout available at that time of night).

Lucky for us, there was a perfect frost that morning. Meaning the cotton balls had almost frozen to his car. I was awake early, checking Facebook to see his response. We were a bit hesitant to ring him if he was angry. But just as we thought, my dad just laughed and laughed. Wish we could have seen the look on his face when he seen it. He actually said this is one of the best things, because he realised we had sat outside in the cold for hours doing this. Apparently you could see cars, cyclists and pedestrians looking with a strange look on their face.

He had a meeting and had to an appointment for his car at the mechanics in the morning ... He had cleaned all the cotton balls off by using a hose, but explaining why he was late was a bit complicated. He actually sent a picture of what we had done to everyone at his work and got a lot of laughs back.


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