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A very good morning to you all!!

Week 3.5 and I'm still going strong! I'm motivated and very encouraged by the fact that my clothes keep getting bigger on me!!

I had my measurements done on Monday and they are as follows:
Chest 115.5cm (7.5cm lost so far)
Waist 108cm (14cm lost so far)
Hips 130cm (4cm lost so far)
L/leg 72.5cm (8.5cm lost so far)
R/leg 74cm (8cm lost so far)
L/arm 34.5cm (5.5cm lost so far)
R/arm 34cm (6cm lost so far)

That's a massive 53.5cm that I have lost so far!!!! (and not yet 1 month in) :)

The scales only showed 1kg lost last wk, but how can I be disappointed with that result when I can see the cm's dropping ever week!!!!

Some days i dont take my duromine, and I don't feel hungry or tempted!! Which I think is a great sign :)
Im drinking a lot more water too, which is good :)

And the best part, people are starting to notice!! And comment on how 'great' I am looking!!

I also think I need to buy some new bathers, my old ones r getting pretty loose now!!

How is everyone else doing? And is anyone else using protein shakes to replace meals? And if so, which ones are you using?
I'm using herbalife to replace 2 meals daily.

Good luck everyone and keep going!! If u haven't done your measurements, DO THEM!! There are days the scales aren't very kind to u, but as long as u can see that the cm's are still coming off, you won't loose motivation!!

Think of how great you will look in the Christmas photos this year:)

The New Girl


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