Success after one week!

I’d always been slim but after hitting 50 my snacking was starting to become an issue. I tried to resist snacking but it was a well entrenched and addictive habit. I needed to break that habit! I ordered some Swisse brand “hunger suppressants” online and of course they were useless. So last Friday I went to the doctor and asked for something on prescription. He prescribed Duromine 30mg and told me to take one on Saturday but have a break on Sunday to allow my body to adjust. I was 52.5kg and my goal/ideal weight is 48.6kg. Saturday I took my first dose and was on top of the world, euphoric, chatty, energised, it was amazing. Saturday night I didn’t sleep a wink and saw the sun rise on Sunday! I wasn’t too tired on Sunday and began a Keto diet. The Duromine completely removed the urge to snack and i wasn’t hungry at all so only had a light dinner for nutrition. Sunday night I slept normally. Monday I began the daily dose regime. I didn’t sleep at all on Monday night either but thankfully the Tuesday morning dose kicked in and I was energised for work. Once again I was euphoric and extremely switched on and chatty, it was like a wonder drug! Thankfully I slept well that night and have slept well every night since, the sleeplessness was only temporary. Each day my weight went down and today, day 7 I’m 48.4kg! So 200g below my preferred weight! I’m so happy. Day 4 was a challenge energy wise, I felt so lethargic I could barely walk up some stairs but that was probably “Keto flu” kicking in. The duromine has made it possible to not only stop the cravings for junk food and mindless snacking, but has allowed me to change my diet completely into a diet that will maintain my preferred weight. I couldn’t have done this without Duromine! It’s truly a wonder drug. I will probably wean off it now as I feel I no longer need it, but I can always go back on it if I feel differently. I’ve had the most interesting and ultimately rewarding week on Duromine and beginning the Keto experience. Can’t recommend it enough!!


Hello, dear! How are you doing? How did the holidays go?

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