Still poking around haha.

Hay there guys, thought id touch base as im still poking around lol.
Covid life has been a bit of a curve ball but we are surviving.
Work and farm life have been rather demanding, from my last post till now, i had been regularly working out and running, these last two months i have done zero. LOL.
Loads of digging and wood chopping have been doing fine haha, but ill be back running soon as i sorter miss it. Weight has been a bit of a roller coaster but im sitting ok at the moment at 98kgs. Looking to get to around the 95 mark and kick training back into drive and shoot for the goal of sub 90 kgs. Have been supporting the misses on her Keto journey and its been working a treat this time, not as hard as last time.
Hope you all are well, i hope your duro journey is getting you all on the path!
Rob84 .
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Hi Rob84,

I'm glad to see a new blog post from you. :sun:
Indeed, the COVID-19 story made life a bit more hectic. I think we all had to change our plans and even our daily routine.

It's great, that you're ready to get back on track, dear. Do you plan to use Duromine or stick only to Keto and working out?

I wish you much luck in achieving your goals :party::heart:
That's so great that you're supporting your wife with keto! It's much easier to stick to a particular diet or exercise regime when you have someone on your team. I find when I do keto the first 4 days are always the hardest :oops: Hopefully with the pandemic things will get easier for us all as we get closer to summer. Wishing you both every success!!!

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