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Starting my Duromine Journey Tomorrow!!

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Hi, I've been prescribed Duromine 30mg
I'm 25 years old, The last year I've put on 10kg , so I'm hoping duromine will kickstart my weightloss journey for me + exercising and eating healthy!!!

Current Height is 159cm
Weight 70kg
I've been on duromine before a couple years back and started on 30mg I lost over 15kg! which was fantastic, and then 1/2 years after I was on 40mg, and it didnt do anything....
I suffer from Endometrosis and I find it incredibly hard to loose weight!!!!, if anyone else suffers from this condition what have you found that worked for you? a specific diet? I've tried so many.....

So I'm really hoping this is a successful journey for me!

My goal weight would be about 55-50kg :)
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Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your story! I wish you a very successful weight loss journey!
Hopefully it works perfect this time. Looking forward to your updates and wish you a wonderful active weekend!!!
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Hey Tiffany, how is your journey going? Just trying to find some motivation myself as our stats are near the same. Cheers.
Hi @Tiffany2221
Any updates on your journey? How many kgs did you lose so far?

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