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Started my Duromine 30mg Today.....My Journey

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I am 33 years old, i have just started on Duromine 30mg today. My current weight is 97kg hoping to lose about 27 kg in 3 months, I am so excited and looking forward to seeing some result , i took the pill at 5:00 am did a 45 minutes workout.
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Today is day 3 on my Duromine 30mg
So far so good, I decided to weigh myself, I have lost 3 kg from 97.6Kg to 94KG I am so happy and motivated.Looking forward to more result.

Starting weight: 97,6Kg
Took my Duromine at 5:00 am
Didn’t have much to eat as i had no appetite
I had 1 Boiled egg and half Grapefuit (Breakfast)
1 piece of chicken and Greenbeans Luch

Day 2
Boiled Egg and Chicken Salad

Day 3 Current weight : 94Kg
Hello! Welcome to the forum, sorry for the late welcome
How are you? How's the journey going?

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