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So i started duromine one month ago, 15mg daily. I saw my GP today and he has put me on to 30mg daily. In one month i went from 78kg, down to 73kgs, i then ceaced taking duromine for a week, due to other health concerns. I weighed in at 75kgs today. My dr said to me, to lessen my caloric intake. He told me he lost 6.5 kgs in 10 days by eating a bowl of musili for breakfast, having a white coffee with one sugar for lunch and eating only an orange for dinner everyday. He told me about having 500 calorie limit for 2 days per week and 1200 limit on the other weekdays.. I'm just wondering whats actually healthy, sustainable and what works for u guys? I apreciate any imput, thankyou xxx


Hi Northbeach,
Well, my intake was about 1000-1200 cal daily, as I was too overweight and a greater cut of calories would be quite painful for me. Also, I read lots of info about weight loss and diet plans, so I say 500 calories is kinda doubtful. See, let's say you eat 500 calories per day, of cource you'll lose faster. But then what? You will achieve your goal, lose extra weight and start eating as before, hence gaining back your kilograms. That's my opinion.

Better to lose slowly but at the same time teach your body to eat properly, so that you can maintain your perfect body weight for longer. You can eat one orange for lunch and feel full, but only when you are on Duromine as it suppresses the appetite, but after you finish Duromine pills you will feel normal hunger again. Trust me, I am still watching my calorie intake, only it became a habit and is much easier now as I developed my personal meal plan.
Hello Northbeach, I have to agree to what Kate said about the necessity to maintain the same calorie intake after you finish your Duromine course, and that 500 calories is too little.

I think your doctor is trying to talk you into calorie cycling diet. It is exactly like you say: you have a low-calorie day, followed by normal 1200 cal days. Vice versa, other people find it useful to have higher caloric day and eat the rest of the week at the 1200 cal level. I know there are good results. However, if you are planning to use this eating regime, you should make up these 500-600 calories in your low calorie day of healthy foods. Some careful counting here, some thoughtful approach, and it might be a good idea. Especially, if you will be able to make the same days after you finish Duromine. Now think… you finish Duromine, your hunger isn’t suppressed anymore (though it should be less strong than before D), and the question is: can you have this one or two 500 cal days per week? If the answer is a firm YES, then you can try doing this for a week. Let’s see how it goes. If not, you better keep to the healthy 1200 calories and you will be able to stick to this daily caloric value after D, and you will keep losing weight.

PS. The low calorie days should be free from exercising, i.e. the ones when you usually don’t exercise.
Hello Northbeach. How are you doing? Haven’t heard from you for a while. I wonder what you have decided about your nutrition and how your exercising routine goes. I’d love to give you any advice you need to help you lose weight fast and steady. If you decided to use Duromine, you have to make sure you give any possible effort to get to the best results while you’re on it. The main thing is to remember about your health and the necessity to maintain the weight at the same level after you finish the course. Best of luck and hope on hearing from you soon!!!

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