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Day 11 of my duromine journey.

I think I have hit the point of no return! You know, when u get to that point when you actually LOVE going to the gym and get grumpy if u don't go!l it is such an amazing feeling, and gives me soooo much more energy for the rest of the day!! I have been going between 5-6 times a wk and doing 1hr intense cardio each time. Every day I increase the intensity just a little bit and I haven't fallen off the treadmill (yet!!) lol :)

So I got my measurements done yesterday, the last time was about 4 months ago, and......
My waist was at 124cm, now 114cm!! 10cm loss!!
I have also lost 3cm on each arm, 3cm on each leg and 3cm on my bust!! Very very happy with that! I'll get my measurements done weekly now, on a Monday.

Being on day 11 also means I haven't had carbs or sugar for 11days!! I can't even believe it!!
I don't miss these naughty foods, and I don't miss the feeling of being bloated and lagged down all the time!

I made my daughter a nutella sandwich yesterday and got a bit of nutella on my fingers. As a usual habit,I licked it off. But wait for it..... I hated it!! It was waaaayyyy too sweet and I had to spit it out and have a drink of water! Some mornings i would have 2nutella sandwiches for breakfast. What a change in 11 days hey!!

I'm loving the new me! I have soooo much energy, and it can only keep getting better!!

I'm getting an endless amount of support from my husband, my parents & my brother (even my 4yr old daughter told me my bum only looks 'a little bit big now') lol and because of them I am more and more motivated every day to keep pushing myself harder!!

Also, my skin is sooo much clearer now, I think I have 1 pimple on my chin and that's it! So I suppose it's true, your skin reflects how healhy your body is on the inside!!

I love that people are reading my blog and emailing me for tips! Makes me feel great and I love getting to know everyone!!

Stay motivated and don't sneak that chocolate, or cookie, or cheeseburger, you are only cheating yourself!!! Will be back again next Tuesday, with new measurements (and a smaller me!!)

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