New Year! New Challanges!!

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So ive been off duro now for a good couple weeks, Yes I have felt my hunger increase, but I have been training very hard in the gym, loads of strength now in my lower back and it hasn't been an issue for a while now! Thank goodness!! I have an overseas trip happening at the end of this week for a couple weeks (japan) and once im back, Ill be in full swing weight/fat loss mode, the whole shebang, full meal prep, counting the numbers and training with the PT, dropping the booze for that period (and seeing how that feels etc, mite just become a social / lite drinker) and yeah, Mission Under 90kgs will ensue!!

Currently hovering on the 100kgs, and a touch over some days, which ive been told to expect and not to worry much about, as with my current training, im lifing heavy and eating more with the focus on strength building. Have a few days snowboarding and loads of walking and exploring to survive haha and my body is feeling great, which is nice for a change!

The overall feeling of not being on duro, Im sleeping like a rock, which has been compounded also with my lower back being in good condition atm, I haven't slept this sound in a very long time! My hunger has come back, but not as much, but at times I feel I could still eat the side of a barn door! Working out has felt pretty standard, not like I was getting any sort of performance enhancement, BUT I don't feel a heat / burning sensation, once I was warmed up and into a weights routine, Id get an intense feeling of heat and found I was sweating a bit more, obviously I still sweat and get hot etc, but yeah that like heated over heated feeling isn't as intense now, if that makes any sense HAHA,

hope everyone had a good new year



Hi Rob! Thank you so much for sharing your post-Duromine experience. Everything sounds SO GOOD!!! You have your mind set to a serious journey and I am very happy that you found the PT, who helps, explains and supports you so much!

Uh hey! You promised some photos =)) (not pushing, just curious and trying to fish out some more motivation for newcomers)

Have a successful trip and don’t forget to drop in from time to time. =) Cheers

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