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Shannon;3789 said:
Hello everyone my name is Shannon I am new to this forum:eek:
I'm at 32 year old woman and am looking for some support from other members who can give advice, information, and better ways to do things and what to expect from this Experience and maybe form some friendships along the way

I guess I should start by telling you a bit about me and my story

I have been on Duromine 30mg for about a month and a half now ... When I decided to started taking Duromine. It was something I looked into and thought that this might help me lose the weight I had put on over the years this might be the way to start me off on a good start … and help me with my weight… Now I started to put on this weight after I had my daughter and then suffering from postnatal depression to hating myself and what my body had become too a low self-esteem too just not caring about myself and being too comfortable in my own skin, now I was not one to be super skinny and never really ever wanted to be I have always been a stocky build but not so much fat and before my child and even though high school I was built bigger than most of the other girls and just excepted that .

But Now I’m 32 and look in the mirror and think in the back of my mind every time I see myself I know I have to do something about this weight I was carrying around as it was starting to affect my life. I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and I have to get this operation to relive the tendons in my feet and limits me to 4 hours on my feet as the pain is too much pain to –bare plus the amount of pain killers the doctor has me on you knock out an elephant like tranquilizer would. But for me only just takes the edge Off the pain to just bearable so it’s not so intense… Plus the lower back pain I was starting to get was not helping also :(

Now I'm not proud to say this but when I spoke to my Doctor and he told me to Jump onto the dreaded scales I weigh 125kg.... This shocked me I knew I had gotten big but just did not think I wanted to admit it to the point of how bad it had got as this was something that has been spiral out of control over years and years of just not caring what I looked like or felt like anymore and eating what I wanted and some days just excepting that I’m fat and to deal with it.

This Has and is the biggest I have ever been in my life and Something inside me said something has to be done before it is two late. I shouldn’t be feeling like this at 32 years of age. I shouldn’t feel so sluggish in life or being in pain when walking or going a few steps and having back pain. This is not normal for someone at my age.
So Duromine it is. and see how it goes now I only weigh myself once a month and that is at the doctors since I have been on Duromine I have lost 6kg.. But I don’t know if that’s a lot for Duromine for a month or not so good? I have changed my whole diet plan I think my biggest problem was the amount of sugar I had in my cup of tea’s I have though out the day .I have never really been a big eater to start with but I changed the sugar to smart sugar and I have that and a smoke for breakfast as I have never been able to hold down breakfast then at lunch I have a weight watchers muesli bar for lunch and a Vital Strength define Woman’s high protein shake and that’s to assist body tone and weight loss it has low carbohydrate’s and is 99% fat free ( dose not taste very nice ) and then for dinner I have a weight watchers dinner meal and that is it. No snacks not nothing in between.

But even though I have lost 6kg’s I don’t see any dramatic change or any development to my body shape ,that I find a little bit discouraging but I don’t want to start feeling demotivated I just hope I’m not doing something wrong? Plus I am still determined to continue with Duromine if I keep dropping weight even if it is only a small amount. My doctor also told me if I’m not dropping the weight on it then he will take me off it as there is no point in me being on it if I’m not losing anything I also work on a casual basis and my job is very physical and you can get a good work out and break out in a sweat from it so I class that as my work out as by four house of continuous movement I’m stuffed. But what I want to know is 6kgs good for one month of Duromine or should I be dropping more than that in a month.

I haven’t had any side effects from Duromine I haven’t even got the big energy boost that everyone talks about? Nothing else has changed with regards to level of sleeping habits or experienced the faster heart rate. I wonder if the 30 milligrams is enough for my body build and structure as I see others dropping the weight much faster then I. And they seem to have the motivation to want to move around more. Where I don’t get that but want that?

Is that normal or should I be speaking to my doctor about this?:confused:
Well Hopefully I haven’t talked the ear off you or put you to sleep. But now you all know this is why I’m here and a bit about myself and my situation .
Thank you for taking the time to read all this jargon….



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