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Third Day
Woke up this morning very hungry! Have realised the splitting headache is because I have twisted my back in Pillates and not a side affect of D. Good news. Last night had restless sleep, got up for bathroom a few times, but it was very hot I slept in kids room with fan on full blast (no kids!). Because back so painful (and gives me bad headache) took Tramadol(which wakes me up a few times anyway) in desperation and put heat pack on my back!! It has worked pain wise and feel great but ravenously hungry.

Last night I gave into temptation ❌and had two choccy biscuits. Yesterday for lunch - two rice cakes and two eggs and dinner quiche and salad. Nothing else. Weighed myself this am and am down 1.7kg!! Yay! Hooray for Carole she is the best! Now down to 92 from 95.4. My first goal is 89.

We are meeting friends today for lunch and have asked my friend to change restaurant she chose to accommodate my BIG weight loss plan. Still haven't told anyone about the D, this is my journey and I don't want lectures.
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