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Journey starts tomorrow - I need this!

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So my weight has been creeping up for some time now. I remember when I was hovering around the 68/70kg mark thinking I was fat and someone mentioned they were over 80kg, I’ll never get that big, I remember thinking.
Now, here I am - 88 massive kilos. I can feel my body all around me, I feel it on my neck, my back, my thighs, my massive problem area is my stomach. I refuse to buy new clothes, although my old ones suffocate me. I never though I’d be buying size 14/16 clothes from the op-shop - cos they will do till I lose weight - but the kilos just keep piling on.
I’m happy! Seriously I am, chug down another bottle of wine, drive to the shops and devour that block of chocolate. Tastes good, don’t care what other people think... ummmmm yes you do and no you’re not happy.
All those people who used to say how lucky I am to be able to carry my weight and how amazing I am at sport. Well this isn’t the same person. I can’t hide my weight now, and I can’t do sport anymore from fear of seeing people and worrying about them thinking how I’ve let myself go. Not to mention The fact that I physically can’t exercise as my weight impacts my plantar fasciitis and I injury myself every time I have a ‘get fit quick’ campaign.
Well the line has to be drawn, and I’m doing it now. I got real with myself and decided enough is enough. It was so terribly embarrassing having to ask for support to lose weight, however the rate I’m going it was to do this now or wait for another 20kgs and end up having surgery.
So tomorrow it is. 15mg for now. Wish me luck, I desperately need this to work.
Tips welcomed
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Heey, Teejayem! Great post :) It's so important to accept yourself, understand the challenges, and set the right goals:kissing_heart:
How is it going with Duromine? Any changes so far?
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