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This is my fourth day and I have lost 700 grams so far. I drink water when I feel whoozy. Today is also the start of my exercise routine. Don't get excited now! My potato coach body will only endure 20 minutes of attempted tummy and arm exercises. Sadly I am not allowed to go for walks yet, as I suffer from seasonal asthma and I have it bad this year.

There is something stalking me.:mad: The Thing, called Bad Habits, took hands with insulin resistance and have trying to sabotage my weight loss journey. Bad Habits are actually the Godfather of a few nasties. Every evening he sends Compulsive Snacking to come visit me. In the beginning I thought Compulsive Snacking is my friend.

When I feel stressed, depressed, sad, happy she will coax,:
"Come, come, Ronelle. No harm in having two slices of white bread with syrup and peanut butter, to comfort/celebrate (whatever the reason). No, take four. slices. It is soooo YUMMY. Why withholding yourself the yumminess of the taste? You know you want to. Not feeling better yet?" She will lean closer and say, "you still have half a tin of ice cream. You know you LOVE ice cream."

So, in the beginning I saw her "support" as comforting. The more I snacked (after 20:00), the more I wanted to snack. A bite of leftovers here, tea with four slices of my favourite, bread, there, a few sweeties out of hubbies stash, etc. Funny thing is, she visits daily, but the extra pressure is after 20:00. I had to call an emergency meeting with me, myself and I for serious strategics. Bad Habits and his cronies needed to know: I declare war. After a serious discussion I have decided to carefully analyze why I have allowed Compulsive Snacking to control me. Last night I had my first victory. I only had tea and two slices of ham.:laughing: Unfortunately it will be a continuous struggle for me, as Compulsive Snacking has followed me since childhood. Fortunately I get to take control and have the choice. Mindfulness and Awareness supports Duromine to stay and not stray.
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