Is this normal to still feel hungry at day 4?

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Today I decided to take Duromine an hour earlier than usual at 5:30am. I worked out that it takes me about 3 hours before I start to feel a little spaced out. I need to be able to run the kids around to sport today so I want to be more alert. I was a bit dazed for about an hour and a half and starting to feel a little more like normal now. I also found today that I haven't had such a dry mouth and therefore not needing quite as much water as the past few days. I didn't get a real spurt of energy today either.

I am sticking to my 1200 cal diet but if someone offered me more food I feel I could still eat. I am not craving the sweet foods as much but I still don't feel like the tablet is working as an appetite suppressant yet. I used to find my worst time for cravings was in the evenings after tea. I used to go to the kitchen at nearly every tv ad break and try to find something sweet even if I wasn't really hungry. Last night I had to make a conscious effort not to eat after dinner but I felt like I wanted to eat. I ended up drinking more water to fill the gap.

Is this normal to be at day 4 and still have feelings of hunger? From what I have read some people aren't eating very much and I am sticking to this 1200 cal diet and could eat more if I didn't stop myself.


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