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So... Duromine wasnt too fluent with rhe weight loss for me for scripts one and two.. My theory for myself is that because I have always eaten well when at work... the effects of duromine were pretty ordinary.. its evening time - after the duromine has worn off that I need the help!!! And weekends when it's Okay.. Whats in the Pantry days!!... At present, Ive been trying a Hunger Control tablet from Swiss to see how they work as it can be taken at night and not have the same AWAKE effect of Duromine.. It does seem to have some effect at this time.. BUT.. on weekends - I am finding I am either popping more of them during the day or I forget to and then - DOOMED... Sooooo -.I'm wondering what you all think..... Do you think I should have script #3 filled and use them just on weekends - or should I be brave and fill it and take them later in the day.. at around midday/1pm... everyday???

I have just been soooo disappointed with such low numbers.. and OMG awful constipation.. been taking Bowel Clear tablets (yep, they work) so maybe I have wrangled that issue...

Interested in thoughts..


I have taken mine at 10-11am and have been ok to sleep and it has stopped hunger in the evening. But if your food is ok in the week, you could always do Thursday-Sunday or something.. not sure.. good luck
Deanna, I would love to help, but I'm not sure I understood correctly what you meant. Are you still using Duromine? Or what is the issue?
Thanks Girls.... guess its trial and error..
for constipation try drinking warm water, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in the morning. I take mine 30 minutes after taking my duromine. the mixture will help you detox for sure.

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