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So I officially saw my doctor on the Thursday
November 18th.

I told her that I was struggling with my weight loss and about my binge eating.

She has prescribed me 15mg duromine!

So excited to do this journey!

I have not yet weighed myself recently.
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Hi Natalie! Congratulations on getting your script :sun:
15 mg is a good dose to start with. :bomb:IMO, it's super motivating to weigh yourself and do measurements during your weight loss journey. You might be very susprised at the end.

If you're interested, how other people feel during the 1st day on Duromine, read this thread: https://nevergiveupteam.com/community/threads/duromine-day-1.16685/
Welcome to our family, Natalie!:)

I agree with April - 15 mg is a perfect dose for a beginner. I wish you a successful weight loss journey, to achieve your goals and enjoy your new lifestyle! Fingers crossed for you not to have any side effects at all. Feel free to ask any questions here on the forum. Can't wait to see your happy reports and kilos lost!;)

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