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Going Up To 40mg

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So it's been almost a month already on 30mg.

Have I lost weight? You bet. Smallish amount, (1 -1.5 kg per week) but I'm happy with that.
Have I had energy bursts? Not so much..The first day only.
Is my hunger suppressed? Somewhat! Definitely making better food choices & I'm definitely not eating as much, but occasionally, very, very occasionally I do still feel like I'm starving!!

I am looking forward to starting 40mg...More so as I'm hoping for that energy burst I keep hearing about.

Aside from some mild side effects early on, I'm feeling pretty darn good.

I'm hoping that the increase to 40mg does not increase any unwanted side effects though!

Footnote; I've taken a few pictures of my horrid, fat self, so soonish when I am feeling brave I will post a "before" & "after" as I honestly don't think I can really see much of a difference yet...Stay Tuned


Hello, hello!!! Sounds like someone’s motivated to go forward, faster and harder!!! =)) so what’s the overall result for the first month? Curious… =))

Um… yes… 40 mg is more potent, and the side effects also can be stronger. Though, many people don’t have any. It depends… we’re all different. So let’s hope you will get the energy burst with no unwanted side effects. =)) Please, remember about adequate water intake and monitor your condition, when you start 40 mg.

I am sure there is a difference on the photos. =)) we’re used to criticizing ourselves too much. Have a lovely day!
The overall result was a 4.9 kg loss. I think it potentially could have been more, as out of that month I had maybe 5 random "cheat" days with a few drinks & crap food!
Oh, considering the cheats and alcohol… the result is pretty impressive! Well done! Are you considering a reduction in cheat meals? To… may be 2 ? What do you think?

What about the physical activity? Any plans for the new month? Need any advice?

Best of luck, dear! And stop saying bad things about yourself. That’s the main problem. I did the same thing and hated myself. Once you start loving yourself and your body, you begin making even better food choices, because your LOVED body deserves only best. =))

Be well!!!!

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