Friday the 13th weigh in.

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103Kgs. The last two weeks have been very difficult with the food intake, my dad is still over and cooking like each meal is the last supper and i have the metabolism of a professional cross-fitter... Which i don't haha, we have had many discussions about portion sizes and quantities etc, and im sure if he read this, he would get a kick outa it, but to quote him "Its just in one ear and out the other!!" He still plates up bulk food, and i keep trying to eat it, like the dutiful son...
Training has not been too bad, slight niggles and soreness, so there has been a lil reduction in the running, there has been alot of renovations happening at the relatives house, removing a whole tile roof, then all the timbers, carting the timbers and stacking it all, then demo'ing out some brick walls, tip trips you name it, all with normal job shifts, some jogs and weight sessions. Im not disheartened by gaining .5kgs a week for the last two weeks, as my usual routine has gone out the window, but normality will be returning soon haha.
Hope you are all well!


Hi Rob. Two months passed after this entry.. how are you doing?

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